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Clariant Active Ingredients

Wake up! Indoor pollution is also harming our skin

Unearthing a natural solution to the little-known negative impact of indoor pollution leading to atopic-prone skin conditions and hypersensitive skin opens doors for the Personal Care industry to target this untapped area in anti-pollution beauty.

Cosmetics touting anti-pollution claims are spreading globally beyond the domain of the Asian beauty market. Mintel cites that in the 12 months to August 2016, 3% of facial skincare launches on the GNPD featured the word “pollution” within the description field, rising to 5% in North America and Europe [1].

Growing global media attention on urban pollution is fueling consumer interest, creating potential for the Personal Care industry to expand its offerings in this skincare category. As many as 28%-41% of French, German, Italian, Spanish and UK women think that environmental factors such as pollution affect their skin’s appearance [2]. While L’Oreal’s recent study linking atmospheric pollution with premature skin aging, especially in people with sensitive skin [3], adds to knowledge and awareness of the impact on skin. It points to pollutants causing cellular damage, dryness, inflammation and pigmentation, which are strong signs of premature skin aging.

But while outdoor pollution is the focus of attention, every time we open a door or window such pollution enters our homes and accumulates. Heavy metals and particulate matters from outside add to the indoor pollution originating, for example, from household products, tobacco smoke, dust and mold, air conditioners, and gases such as carbon monoxide produced during cooking. A distinctive trait of indoor pollution is that the wide variety of pollutants stick on furniture and clothes, meaning that we are constantly exposed and in direct contact with them. In fact, indoor pollution is more of a problem than most of us appreciate. It is calculated that we experience between 2 to 5 times more contaminants indoor than outdoor , exceeding the average allowed by the World Health Organization all over the world.

Consumer awareness exists

Consumer awareness of the impact of our indoor environment on health and well-being does exist and is influencing some market segments. New formulation ingredients to address this interest are becoming increasingly available.

Yet the topic of indoor pollution so far remains unaddressed by the Personal Care industry. Even though skin sensitivity is now an issue for 60% of the population, seemingly little is known about the negative impact of indoor pollution generating a lot of people suffering from atopic-prone skin conditions and hypersensitivity.

Raising awareness and understanding of the skin irritation pathway initiated by indoor pollutants can highlight its significance, and emphasize the potential for this new anti-pollution sub-category in the new product concept agendas of formulators and brand owners.

Sustainably sourced from Jeju Island

It is the unique composition and mode of action of the new active ingredient that enables it to effectively counter indoor pollution consequences and stimulate immuno-modulation.

Eosidin™ is based on a well characterized extract of green citrus unshiu which is rich in highly potent molecules: synephrine and hesperidin. These play a major role in regulating the eotaxin process. It also contains naringin which decreases histamine release.

Rather than use mature fruit, the extract is obtained from the small unripe citrus fruits cut off to boost tree growth and which are normally thrown away by the farmers. The unripe fruit is ideal because it contains higher concentration of the molecules compared to mature fruit. This is particularly the case for synephrine, which shows a higher concentration in the unripe fruit. Furthermore, the sustainable use of a citrus unshiu by-product provides a new income to the farmers and also reduces waste.

Julie Droux
Senior Technical Marketing Specialist, Clariant


[1] Mintel Group Limited 2016 – Category Insight: Facial Care September 2016

[2] Mintel Group Limited. Category Insight: Facial Care September 2016

[3] Pollution: A business opportunity for Cosmetics Ingredients. Euromonitor

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