Specializing in the production of premium cosmetics droppers, Virospack has established its know-how in categories as varied as skin care, hair care, nail care and liquid makeup products. Headquartered in Badalona, in Barcelona’s greater metropolitan area, the Virospack generates annual global sales of approximately EUR 60 million, with export sales representing more than 90% of the total, with its products being distributed to more than 20 countries across four continents. Founded in 1956, the company has recently become the property of investment company Investindustrial.

Plant-based dropper cap

At Luxe Pack Monaco, Virospack highlighted a fully plant-based dropper cap based on the Forewood material developed by German company Rezemo.

The new 100% plant-based and compostable cap is part of a broader concept aiming at lowering the environmental footprint of droppers, which also included a bulb made with more than 50% biobased TPE and a pipette containing more than 40% of Eastman’s biobased Tenite.

New blown injection bulbs

The company also introduced to the market an innovative TPE-blown [1] injection technology to create unique shapes of bulbs.

This new technology allows greater freedom for bulbs designing and customizing, being able to create a new consumer experience and exclusive brand positioning with special formats. These new personalized bulbs shapes, composed of different types of TPE available, can be combined with many options of caps and pipettes available in the Virospack dropper’s portfolio and through different decoration finishes, such as colour painting or metallization, that will perfectly meet your brand needs,” explains the company.

There is also the possibility of having a completely recyclable dropper, using standard PP pipettes.

More precision with the new Duo Dose dropper system

Another innovation launched by Virospack is a new system offering an easier accurate dosage of the product. The new Duo Dose dropper system is suitable for a variety skincare formulation, such as lotions, creams, oils and serum, helping consumers to apply the amount adapted to their own beauty routine, thanks to a clear indicator in the push button, making it convenient to measure and dispense the required dosage of product 0,3 ml or 0,7 ml.

With this more precise fixed dose, it is possible to customize the use of the product according to the type of skin (like oily or dry skin), period of application such as day or night, or even according to the climate or season of the year.

As for other Virospack products, brands have the freedom and flexibility to personalize the decoration of this new dropper according to their specific design preferences.