The Spanish-based specialist in the design and production of droppers for cosmetic products has reached an agreement with software provider IFS to use their IFS Cloud solution, with the aim of optimising their production and material traceability, as well as reinforcing their environmental commitment.

The software suite of the Swedish company will be implemented in its entirety, including the HR, Finance, Business Intelligence, Project Management, CRM, Quality, Logistics and Purchasing modules. The implementation of the solution will begin this December and it is expected that Virospack will begin to use it from December 2022.

The IFS Cloud solution brings together the company’s ERP, its field management and its fixed asset management, in one single platform.

With the help of this new software suite, Virospack intends to improve their entire operational efficiency, including their current environmental footprint and the traceability of the supply chain.

Companies can use our software to measure how sustainable they are. Thanks to IFS Cloud, Virospack will have multiple parameters that will allow them to reduce their carbon footprint”, highlights Juan González, IFS Country Manager for Spain and Portugal.

The production of dropper packs may seem simple and, in fact, just three pieces make up most of these droppers. However, there are numerous challenges facing the production of these droppers, from optimising the design and managing the materials used in production, to the development of increasingly sustainable products, which reduce the environmental impact,” says Virospack in a statement.

With 65 years of experience, the Spanish company employs 500 people, who design and make high-end cosmetic packs for well-known international brands.