Premium Beauty News - VG Emballage is supplying about 2,500 customers in Europe, with a cross-sectoral and multi-material positioning, and featuring a sales force of more than 40 staff. Quite exceptional in the industry isn’t it?

Alberte Luciani - Yes it is! People often believe that we are distributors, which is true but incomplete. We can supply our customers with turn-key products, vials, finishing and closures. Moreover, we have our own moulds, our own standards and our own specific products. We also have our own technical teams, working in coordination with our subcontractors.

There’s hardly any other company in Europe, if any, which can claim such a palette of competencies.

Premium Beauty News - VG Emballage launched a large number of new products during 2008, in particular for the perfumery and cosmetic markets.

Alberte Luciani - Every year we add new products to our offering and we complete our existing offer with additional sizes and new materials.

In 2008 we completed our offering with four new foamers (foaming pumps). We also added several vials and jars to our existing ranges as well as two new airless piston pumps.

Premium Beauty News - Airless is not a brand new technology for VG Emballage, you have been proposing this technology for a long time…

Alberte Luciani - Actually, we have been selling airless pumps for ten years through our product Easy Bag, for which we holds two patents. Easy Bag’s particularity is to use an air proof multi-layer single-piece diaphragm

Premium Beauty News - What are your expectations for 2009. It may be a difficult year.

Alberte Luciani - The economic context will not be easy. However, considering the company’s high degree of diversification, VG Emballage should prove resilient. The outset of the year was even quite good for us, because during harsh economical times customers tend to prefer standard solutions that can be customized through specific finishing techniques and closures. This demand perfectly matches our core offering.

As far as new products are concerned, we also invest a lot in the development of “Glass Polymer,” which looks like glass but is much lighter.

After the launched of our BeSafe safety closure, 2009 should also be marked by the launched of a new pump with a double protection against opening, and responding to current market demand for safety.