An exceptional cognac merits an exceptional design. For Borderies Special Dry, Camus desired an outer pack that was equally outstanding as the unique aromas of this unrivalled cognac. Dressed in engraved metal, the product’s flask, accompanied by a goblet, evokes travel, conviviality and a unique tasting experience. To highlight these unique featuresthe brand entrusted Groupe Verpack with the creation of a simple, elegant coffret that would ensure optimum protection.

For this collector’s edition, Groupe Verpack created a packaging with a soft touch surface illustrated by a stylized image of the product.

Its second challenge was the interior chock system that holds the flask in place while taking into account its variable dimensions.

To respect the identity of the product, the image of the flask is reproduced identically on top of the coffret, revealing an elegant contrast of matt and high-shine varnishes. The sides and base, meanwhile, are printed using hot stamping with a gold rendering that mirrors the shade of the metal container.

This coffret, created on an automated assembly line at one of the group’s production facilities, offers the guarantee of made-in-Europe quality.