At Luxe Pack Monaco, Verescence showcased Upcycled, a limited edition featuring 100% recyclable high-end glass cap and bottle and an upcycled fragrance developed by Givaudan

At Verescence, we believe that developing more environmentally-friendly actions and eco-designed products is compatible with the codes of luxury and beauty,” explains Astrid Dulau-Vuillet, Global Marketing & Communication Director at Verescence.

At Luxe Pack Monaco 2018, the French glassmaker has highlighted its latest eco-friendly products, including Upcycled, an eco-designed fragrance specially developed for the show.

An eco-designed fragrance in collaboration with Givaudan

The Upcycled’ high-end glass cap and bottle are 100% recyclable. The glass weight of the bottle (Verescence’s standard mould “VERSO” 100ml) has been reduced from 180g to 130g for a lower impact on the environment (-21% of greenhouse gas emissions). The silk-screening and lacquering are also eco-designed according to a patent-pending process.

"The choice of glass for the cap allows to eliminate plastic while meeting the current trend to premiumization in this category," said Astrid Dulau-Vuillet to Premium Beauty News.

As far as the fragrance is concerned, the Verescence called on Givaudan’s expertise. A 100% natural origin unisex cologne, the fragrance was created by perfumer Marypierre Julien with different upcycled materials (or “recycled upward”, i.e. transforming materials or products that we no longer use in materials of higher quality that can be used to create new products).

Orchidée Impériale by Guerlain

Verescence also used its expertise in lightweight glass for the development of a new jar for Guerlain’s Orchidée Impériale day cream. The glass weight of the jar has been reduced by 62%, from 244g to 93g for a lower impact on the environment.

Guerlain is a pioneer in eco-design in the luxury beauty market. The brand has challenged us with this lightweight glass jar. This is a perfect example of a high-end eco-conceived packaging which has had a huge market impact”, says Astrid Dulau-Vuillet.

Man Essence Wood by Bvlgari

Eventually, Verescence showcased the NEO Infinite Glass bottle produced for Bvlgari Man Wood Essence, Bvlgari’s latest men’s fragrance launched in September.

The bottle is made from 90 percent recycled glass, using the NEO Infinite Glass innovation launched by Verescence in 2014.

To top it all off, Verescence’s CSR policy was rewarded with the Luxe Pack in green award. The jury emphasized the maturity of a “perfectly organized” approach where the figures, vision and ambitions “are carried through to every level in the company - from the shop floor to the general management.

Fragrance Innovation Summit

Astrid Dulau-Vuillet, Global Marketing & Communication Director of Verescence, will speak with Sandrine Sommer (Guerlain) and Gildas Bonnel (Sidièse) during the roundtable:

"Sustainable commitment: brand communication issues"

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