In collaboration with French designer De Baschmakoff, Verescence has unveiled two new fragrance bottles –Moon and Gem – illustrating their technical expertise in using lightweight glass for complex shapes.

The Moon bottle weighs 106 g for 100 ml. This one-of-a-kind organic shape features an off-centre screw neck (SNI 15) while preserving perfect symmetry of the bottle’s faces, offering a comfortable grip at the same time.

The Gem bottle weighs 97 g for 100 ml. It has a striking, geometrical design with sharp angles and a broad octagonal facing, making it look like a precious gem.

To make them a perfect combination of luxury and sustainability, these refillable bottles (SNI 15 screw necks) are also personalized with a spherical mono-material LegnaPin cap made by premium wood component maker Minelli Spa (mPackting).

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