While the number of millionaires in Japan, Brazil and Argentina decreased in 2013, the creation of new fortunes has risen significantly in the USA. A study by Crédit Suisse has just disclosed the world hit parade of wealth:

No.1: The USA: 13,216
No.2: France: 2,211
No.3: Germany: 1,735
No.4: Italy: 1,449
No.5: The UK: 1,529
No.6: China: 1,123
No.7: Canada: 993
No.8: Sweden: 506
No.9: Spain: 402
No.10: Brazil: 221.

58 % of the multimillionaires polled reaffirm their trust in the American economy, and admit they do not feel much concerned about prices, as they mostly think about enjoying themselves. Manufacturers expect rich American consumers to keep representing the better part of sales in this luxury market, which weighs more than $US 260 billion.

Since last September, the “Secret Lives of the Super Rich” CBS show has been plunging viewers at the core of a world that is filled with wealth of such an unimaginable extravagance, a cast of super-deep-pocketed people with one thing in common: a voracious greed for success and “the best of the best” value.

If this elite is contesting the best aesthetic surgeons and dermatologists, desire for high-end skincare remains as strong. Here is a VIP selection of skincare products launched in the USA at the beginning of 2014:

La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal was inspired by Nature’s most powerful secrets of survival. Opposite-leaved saxifrage is harvested at the summit of the Swiss Alps, and can handle extreme conditions. Alpine soldanella has the capacity of remaining dormant beneath the ice and shooting up the surface when spring has come, as if it were purple snow. Swiss Ice Crystal is an exclusive mixture which protects the skin’s mitochondrial DNA, thus enhancing rejuvenation, stimulating skin hydration, and preventing collagen degradation ($350.00).

La Mer Lifting Contour Serum rides the wave of tensor and lifting serums destined for the oval of the face. The Lifting & Firming Mask will be launched in March 2014 to complete La Mer’s range. This night mask is to be applied with a brush, and its texture is as soft as cashmere, which constitutes a “serum-in-a-mask” innovation that is not to be rinsed off ($250.00).

Lancôme provides a new solution to firmness. Rénergie French Lift has the same action as an “instrumental cosmetic lifting product” and results from an association of actives, resveratrol and oligosaccharide. Its rebound texture instantly melts in contact with the skin. Rénergie French Lift aims at enhancing the skin area by area, and toning it up thanks to its silicone massaging disk reinforced with V-shaped patterns carved on the front side for better grip. A 4-step massage ritual was specifically developed for more efficacy (€160.00).

These cosmetic products will most certainly seem like trinkets in the “Secret Lives of the Super Rich” show, where the heroes’ first purchases are a $40 million jet and a $1 million watch!!