Christian Baravaglio, President of Texen

Christian Baravaglio, President of Texen

Premium Beauty News – What were the reasons for the buyout of Mar-Lee?

Christian Baravaglio – We were interested in this company’s expertise in the injection of highly technical plastic parts and of its mastery for instance in, in- mould labelling as well as design of the moulds themselves.

Of course, it was also the occasion for Texen, one of the worldwide leaders specialised in plastic packaging for the Beauty industry, to gain a foothold-in the United States, thus getting closer to our major clients (Estée Lauder, Chanel, Avon et L’Oréal).

Premium Beauty News – What are your goals?

Christian Baravaglio – In fact, we are going to take advantage of Mar-Lee’s expertise to establish Texen’s own expertise in the Luxury universe. Incidentally as an illustration, people will witness the launch in the coming days of several packaging for the Luxury market. At the same time, Texen intends to develop in Europe Mar-Lee’s expertise in the pharmaceutical and medical field , particularly in terms of cleanroom manufacturing.

Premium Beauty News - All these actions have a price?

Christian Baravaglio – Yes indeed, upgrading Mar-lee in the Luxury industry will cost around USD 5 millions. But we are extremely confident regarding results since the company’s turnover in 2009 should rise. We are expecting strong growth in 2010 (+ 20 %) and 2011.

Premium Beauty News – What makes Texen such a winner?

Christian Baravaglio – Many things in fact! But surely rigor is one of our main assets. Each study is a commitment for us ! It is backed with product and process conception, timelines and detailed costing. We offer complete and immediate operational response.

Resulting from investor’s industrial knowledge, focused on the trilogy: cost / quality / delays, this rigor is present at each stage of the project. It also profits from constantly increased production capacities. Texen is one of the first companies to have equipped itself with 6 axis-robots, and we have been investing for years, from 8 % to 12 % of our turnover in industrial equipment. Our flexible, fully robotised lines operate under systematic Zero default check-out points.