After retail’s brutal shutdown a definite surge in sales was observed in 2021. American consumers want to go back to their shopping habits. The atmosphere is dynamic and creative. The beauty market is again appealing, and many new players are entering the arena with the desire to renew the beauty offering.

The new celebrity trend: Have your own line of makeup!

From the 2015 launch of Kylie Cosmetics created by Kylie Jenner, to Rare Beauty, the new Selena Gomez line, centered on the ‘no make-up’ look, each brand is a temple dedicated to a different type of beauty. Inclusiveness in beauty is to consider everyone’s needs without distinction. In consequence, criteria have evolved, and the resulting offer has adapted. Before, make-up was mainly aimed at women. Now it is addressed to everyone.

The launch of the Fenty Beauty brand has proven the importance of inclusive marketing. Fenty shattered the glass ceiling and sounded a wake-up call in the beauty sector. Sephora will add 8 brands created by people of color to its catalogue: Glory Skincare, 54 Thrones, Kulfi Beauty, Eadem, Ries, Imania Beauty, Hyper Skin, Topicals.

Sephora is giving the creators a unique opportunity to make their brands known, while at the same time placing itself at the very heart of what new generations are expecting from big companies.

Digital first!

The Estée Lauder Companies has announced its post Covid restructuring strategic plan. Dubbed “Post-COVID Business Acceleration Program,” it gives preference to on-line sales. The group also reduced by 10 to 15% their presence in big stores. Their booths are more compact and put together different brands from the group.

The National Retail Federation revised its analysis for 2021, raising its expectations for in store sales from +10,5% to 13%, or nearly 4,44 trillion dollars. The projection for the end of the pandemic was +6,5% in February. The best figure for sales growth since 1984!

Innovations are back

The number of product launches is back to its initial tempo, the desire for innovations and new products is present.

Here are two essential launches for the back-to-school year:

 Clarins Double Serum Eye: The mythical Double Serum - a worldwide success with a bottle sold every five seconds, honored with 394 Beauty Prizes, now joined by Double Serum Eye, a concentrated formula that is 96% natural, enriched with 13 plant extracts including chervil extract, organic wood, and curcuma, which act on the five vital skin functions. The double bio-affinity texture is perfect for the eye contour.

 Shiseido Waso: The Waso line is totally renovated, it’s more innovative and more ethical.

The two brands represent beauty that is more respectful and healthier for consumers - two brands that are part of the future of beauty.