The principle is simple: Rose Pirate collects the lipstick cases that consumers do not want to throw away simply because the grape inside it, has become unusable. The start-up will empty it, sterilise it and refill it with its unique 100% natural lip balm formula. As long as the tube is in good condition, the process can be repeated over and over again.

To make her project a reality, Audrey Ducardonnet, the founder, has just launched a crowdfunding campaign to reach 200 pre-sales by 7 June. The aim was to check that consumers were interested in the project and that they were ready to make an effort, "to send back their lipstick tube for me to refill it".

After a career at the Chanel laboratory and as Project and make-up innovation Manager, the young woman created her own structure as an innovation consultant to "transform a designer’s brief into a concrete product." She is the link between the creative process and the manufacture of a product, ensuring that it is feasible and that "it is up to expectations". The Rose Pirate project is part of this reflection on the future of the cosmetics industry.

Manual Operations

To replace the grapes in the lipsticks, several sizing operations must be carried out manually, along with a chemical-free cleaning. The tube can then be sterilised and refilled with the balm. Audrey Ducardonnet developed her formula with Michèle Mousset, a formulation expert who worked for brands such as Chanel and Dior.

Most round tubes with a "standard" diameter can be refilled. A check on the arrival of the tube allows verifying that it still works properly. If this is not the case or if its shape is too complex, the tube is returned to its owner.

On the crowdfunding pre-sales, the first 40 pieces are at 12 euros, the rest at 15 euros.

The project is aimed at environmentally conscious consumers who wish to adopt an upcycling approach "with the desire to consume less but better". The lip balm is of natural origin and 100% vegan. It is made of cherry pit oil and sweet potatoes, ingredients with antioxidant properties. An ideal balm for women "who don’t want to get rid of their favourite lipstick tube and/or who want to take care of their lips by combining quality and naturalness"!