The distributor and provider of specialty ingredients and chemicals has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with ImDerma Laboratories in the United States. ImDerma is a cosmetic actives producer for the beauty and personal care industry with an array of botanical actives and functional ingredients, including the Imdermalab Peptide X and MolecuPure purified botanical actives series.

The agreement will support applications in skin care, sun care, and color cosmetics as well as offer sustainably sourced botanicals using green extraction technology.

Headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan, ImDerma offers a range of unique botanical cosmetic actives and other innovative functional ingredients and solutions using an exclusive green extraction technology with high purity and no irritants. The company focuses on dermal and analytic science to support ingredient development.

"Today, beauty brands can differentiate themselves in the market by providing products that contain unique cosmetic actives, which bring many benefits to consumers, such as anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, skin brightening, and lightening properties. The addition of the ImDerma product line to our portfolio will allow beauty brands to access novel technologies while simultaneously accelerating the industry’s shift toward sustainable solutions," said James Peterson, global vice president of beauty and personal care for Univar Solutions.

"As a research-oriented company, our primary focus is on developing innovative products and solutions for the personal care industry. With Univar Solutions’ expertise in sales, marketing, formulations, and customer service, we are excited to bring our ImDerma ingredients into North America. This partnership will also strengthen our position for future growth with access to their distribution and transportation network," added Mark Huang, CEO for ImDerma.

As far as beauty and personal care products are concerned, Univar Solutions serves U.S. customers from product development through ongoing brand support with Solution Centers and specialized laboratories located in Houston, Texas and Charlotte, North Carolina.