The rapid deployment of social/physical distancing practices has forced product development teams to collaborate remotely, holding meetings via Zoom, Teams, and other video conferencing tools.

Focus on clean beauty

The Univar Solutions new digital formulation campaign is yet another addition to our suite of services that provide best-in-class technical support to take up the challenge of the New Now.

The rise of social science, holistic lifestyle preferences and clean, transparent marketing is reshaping the beauty and personal care space. As we all put a greater focus on essentials such as health and well-being, shoppers will still have a strong interest in beauty products, though various segments will receive increased interest, especially those focused on clean beauty.

Clean beauty has evolved over the years and occupies a strong position today. In a recent analysis from Mintel, factors such as safety, transparency, good sourcing and manufacturing practices are top criteria for consumers.

Preference for performance

Efficacy is also top-of-mind, with more than one-third of consumers agreeing that they care more about the effectiveness of a product than the ingredients it uses.

While consumers expect brands to use natural ingredients, they ultimately choose a product based on performance, making it increasingly important for brands to link ingredient safety with function. The full product story is more important than ever as many consumers do an about-face around traditional sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

Engaging formulators in the New Now

The formulations featured in this edition of Smart Solutions Academy follow the Univar Solutions ‘Clean by Design’ standards, resulting in formulations which meet criteria such as:

 Efficient process, saving energy or resources;
 Sustainable or multifunctional ingredients;
 Clear marketing, claims, and INCI listings;
 Ingredients from our partners, who have ethical and sustainable programs in place.

Our focus on the essentials reflects the trend of using simpler, key ingredients in formulation which create a good starting point for future developments.

Smart Solutions Academy aims to engage formulators wherever they are in this New Now. We’ve paired each formulation in this campaign with a tutorial style video streamed from our Solutions Center in Versailles, France. The sessions go beyond watching and learning and encourage formulators to join in and formulate alongside our beauty and personal care technical experts as they demonstrate how to work with our ingredients, sharing all their tips and process guidelines.

Six formulations

The concept includes six formulations including makeup, skin and sun care applications.

Formulating skin care can be complicated if you’re trying to address the key claims and consumer demands to be front of shelf today. Our SKINMOISTURIZER CREAM (below) is based on naturally-derived ingredients with vegetable oil and butter. This formula is the perfect starting point for a full range of skin care products and can be customized to match consumer demand for clean, responsible and sustainable cosmetic products in the New Now.

This cocooning cream showcases a combination of naturally-derived ingredients from Cargill Beauty:

 Actigum VSX20 (INCI: Sclerotium Gum (and) Xanthan Gum), a COSMOS approved thickener and suspending agent made by biofermentation of sugar. It’s a very versatile ingredient, that exhibits a wide pH range, stability and compatibility.
 Emultop Velvet IP (INCI: lecithin), a COSMOS approved highly efficient phosphatidyl choline enriched lecithin, which can emulsify up to 20% of oil. It gives a velvet and smooth touch on the skin.
 StarDesign Care (INCI: Hydroxypropyl Starch Phosphate), a naturally derived thickener made from waxy corn, which gives a creamy texture to cosmetic products.

2021 will continue to present challenges, especially as regulations continue to evolve and consumers demand change. Working with the right partner will ensure that you are best equipped to launch compliant, on-trend formulations, without compromising on quality or performance. Univar Solutions is the ideal partner to support you in delivering and growing your business no matter if you’re an indie brand or market mainstay.

Our global beauty and personal care team is here to create authentic value for manufacturers and customers beyond an ingredient distribution network and product offerings. Wherever you are in the world, our dedicated beauty experts are here to help you.

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