Founded only a year and a half ago, at the beginning of the Covid era, Unbottled quickly reached its public, in particular through social media, and created itself a boosting community: right now, 58,000 people follow the brand on Instagram. Its positioning is inspired from the observations of Sarah Pouchet, the founder, and Benjamin Legros, her associate, regarding sustainability. They aim to remove plastic containers from our bathrooms based on a positive approach and sensorial products.

Highly sensorial solid products

After six years working for a major cosmetics group, it got clear to me that I wanted to change the system from the inside and develop products free from plastic packaging and as good and pleasant to use as bottled products,” explains Sarah Pouchet.

The first three references, a shower gel, a shampoo, and a face cleanser, were launched after a year of R&D.We realized we actually met a need. Three weeks after the launch, our products were out of stock,” adds the young woman.

Eighteen months later, the range counts ten new references, both products and accessories, and most importantly, it is part of Sephora’s selective network: in France since January 4, and in Europe starting from January 17. All in all, the brand will be available in 1,000 stores, as well as on the e-shop.

Sephora gave us the opportunity to be part of a broad distribution network, and we actually aim to reach as many people as possible: the vast majority of people who have started their own ecological transition, pay attention to what they do, but are not ready to use a shampoo with no foam yet. Solid products should not be reserved to the committed happy few. It also shows we help democratize them and we can share the same playground as liquid products,” she concludes.

A French Lush

The brand’s latest products include big sizes in the form of breakable tablets, like chocolate, for shower gel and shampoos, with two new perfumes: apricot/shea and neutral for babies. In addition, the range comprises two new shampoos for oily or dry, coloured, curly hair, the normal hair shampoo and shower gel in a miniature version, as well as accessories: a magnetized carrying case and soap holder. The conditioner is expected in February. The formulas are perfumed, can foam, and offer a neutral pH. They are composed of vegetable oils, 100% natural perfumes, and superfood actives.

We reconcile people with solid products thanks to sensoriality. We also aim to remain on the skin and hair care segments, as we want to become a French Lush,” says Sarah Pouchet.

After the transient pop-up store opened in November at the Paris Beaugrenelle shopping mall, Unbottled intends to soon increase their physical presence by inaugurating stores in Paris and across the French territory. A modest – first – fundraising campaign launched last Fall helped the brand speed up its development, recruit a whole team, and develop other products.