The numerous designs by Solev’s clients (including Dior, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Guerlain, Agent Provocateur and Cerutti) are all examples of the immense capabilities provided by a combination of metallization and laser engraving.

The French specialist of packaging decorations designed for perfumes, cosmetics and spirits is pushing forward the of its laser engraving techniques in proposing a final sophistication : ultra-finesse. Indeed, the new Solev lasers can produce decoration on metallized or lacquered surfaces, thus moving into the realm of micro-detail and micro-hatching, and enabling considerable freedom of action.

Transparency, vibration and metallic brilliance with micro-lines or micro-hatching: there are numerous possibilities. The new Solev lasers also enable using the ultra-finesse on a new 100% deep black non-metallic lacquer. This mix provides a level of definition that cannot be achieved with traditional decoration techniques. This process can be applied on glass and certain crystalline or tinted plastics such as PMMA and PP.

An illustration of the degree of finesse Solev lasers can produce a hatching invisible to the eye (50 microns) when the object is held at arm’s length. Thus, the dominant effect is one of transparency, a bright metallic sheen and reflections in the fragrance. It is when the object is brought closer, that the consumer will become aware of further details in the ultra-fine hatching, together with vibrations and optical effects.

Solev ultra-finesse thus opens up considerable opportunities in the decoration of packaging components for fragrances, cosmetics and skincare products,” said the company in a release.