ImerCare 6M: Sustainable mineral base for make-up powders

Sustainability is a concept that is increasingly spreading throughout society and industries. A concept also shared with end consumers who want to see more transparency and traceability regarding the composition of their products. In its quest for sustainable product development, Imerys lately engineered ImerCare 6M, a 100% natural and Cosmos-approved mica sourced in France. This mica is ideal for powder foundations, eyeshadows and blushes and is twice as cohesive as standard mica found on the market. While conferring high cohesiveness in pressed powders, this patented mica ensures good sensoriality, transparency, luminosity and can be incorporated up to 70% in compact powder formulation. Numerous tests have been performed in the laboratory to highlight mica’s good sensorial properties and good cohesiveness in pressed powders compared to the benchmark.

ImerCare 6M is twice more cohesive than standard mica

Sustainable product life cycle of ImerCare 6M

Imerys is making a significant difference by offering a mica sourced in Brittany - France, where respect for the environment has always been a key commitment. The site has been ISO 14001 certified for over ten years and is contributing to preserving the environment through a number of important initiatives. These include making extensive use of recycled water during the production process as well as outreach projects such as the supply of sand to rebuild local beaches.

Natural antipollution agent: ImerCare VitalSkin, a preventive shield to the skin

Air pollution is on the rise worldwide and is a daily challenge for the skin. Indeed miniscule pollution particles enter the body via the pores of the skin causing heightened sensitivity, premature and accelerated ageing.

To counter this phenomenon, Imerys designed ImerCare VitalSkin, a patented diatomaceous earth. When integrated into make-up powders, this new technology has an absorption mechanism which shields the skin from pollution particles. The efficacy of ImerCare VitalSkin has been demonstrated by ex-vivo laboratory tests designed to assess the effectiveness of this natural antipollution agent against cigarette smoke exposure - containing a large range of major pollutants. Results show that the new diatomaceous earth grade has a preventive action on skin, blocking the penetration of polluting particles. Thanks to its unique microporous structure, the new diatomaceous earth offers skin cell and DNA protection against pollutants, differentiating it from skin repair solutions found on the market.