In this video, Glaspray shows the benefits of its innovative sustainable package, TWIST UP AIRLESS (TUA).

- 66% reduction of materials by weight in full plastic package
- Cartridge replacement system reduces the amount of packages used
- PCR material available for canister and inner airless cartridge
- Simple assembly process for fillers
- Simple cartridge exchange for consumers
- Subscription friendly package

The main material of our airless pump and bottle is made of Polypropylene (PP). These components can be produced using mixture of 25 50% PP PCR. This option further adds credits to the sustainability of TUA.

TUA is available in 15, 20 and 30ml standard packages with aluminum outer shells as a standard. TUA30 is available with plastic outer shells to provide more flexibility for additional treatment and decoration.

As an innovator in refillable packages for fragrance and skincare, we combine design and manufacturing expertise to fulfill unique requirements. Glaspray’s goal is to provide solutions to our partners to achieve their guidelines and standards of sustainability towards a true circular economy.