Highly Commended for Design & Packaging at the 2018 Pure Beauty Awards remitted on 9 May at the Four Seasons Resort Dubai, Trinny London’s capsule range of cream-based make-up are offered in stackable, portable signature packaging developed by Quadpack.

’The Stack’ enables consumers to build their own personal make-up kit with a choice of face, eye, cheek and lip colour. Formulated for fingertip application, the products come in transparent 5ml jars which click together in a stack that also makes them ideal for travel. Consumers can use the brand’s Match2Me online tool to create their personal stack, based on skin, hair and eye colour.

The packaging is one of the main selling points, engaging consumers and allowing them to carry as many or few as they like in their handbag,” explains Quadpack in a release.

Each of the 5ml jars features a custom-designed jar and cap, which allows them to snap into a stack. The jar is transparent, so the product inside is visible. The base has click-fit functionality to latch onto the cap of another jar when stacked.

As far as decoration is concerned, the Trinny logo features in a silver band, hot-stamped across the bottom edge. A metallised inner cap has a wide base and screw neck which provides an audible click closure. The sides feature a matt in-mould decoration, which adds a delicate relief pattern, while leaving the bottom edge glossy. The outer cap is transparent and sits raised on the inner part, like a viewing window of the silver interior. The top edge has a smaller diameter with a discreet rim that grips onto the base of another jar when stacked. The Trinny logo is debossed on the top.

When seen from the side, the pack features transparent, textured silver and glossy silver bands, an effect which is amplified when part of a stack. It is a truly original concept – one in which make-up and packaging work together in perfect harmony.