’Skin flooding,’ as the name suggests, involves applying different layers of hydration to damp skin to maximize the effects of each product and to limit water loss, one of the causes of skin dehydration.

Emerging trend

The ’skin flooding’ technique has so far generated very few views on TikTok, for the simple reason that its name was coined by the magazine Refinery29, which regularly tests new beauty trends spotted on the social network. However, the tip can be seen in many videos under the hashtags #dryskintips and #dryskinremedies, among others.

Perfectly hydrated skin

The method can vary from user to user, but in all cases, it involves applying two serums to the skin, one after the other, the first containing hyaluronic acid and the second containing niacinamide. The objective is to deeply moisturize the skin, reduce redness and tightness, and help protect against further external aggression. The final step is the application of a thicker layer of moisturizer to nourish the skin’s surface. Importantly, the first serum must be applied to damp skin, which should not be fully dried after cleansing, to help boost the absorption of the products to come.

The many videos of this beauty trick feature several variations. For example, those who wish to can step up their ’skin flooding’ experience by spritzing their face with a moisturizing mist between each step, a trick that could ensure extra hydration, say some TikTokers. It’s also possible to add a moisturizer with sun protection to protect the skin from UV rays.

Well-being and skin care

This trend confirms the current global interest in skincare, which has been reflected throughout 2022 by the launch of new brands based on natural skincare.

This trend is expected to grow even more in 2023 with the boom in holistic beauty, focused on prevention, well-being and skin health.