For its Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge lipstick, the latest addition to its Hyaluronic range, luxurious French beauty brand By Terry called on Topline Productssavoir faire in the conception and production of packaging for the make-up, skincare and fragrance industry.

Launched in January 2013, the Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge stands apart for its ultra-fine and slender silhouette. Unlike classic lipsticks featuring 12.1mm or 12.7mm diameter sticks, By Terry’s new Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge offers an elegant stick with a diameter of 11.3mm. In addition to a refined look, this format allows for more precise application, says the brand.

The cap was the result of a specific development to reproduce the By Terry signature, a drop of Zamac, which is also a feature on the design of the brand’s Terrybly lipstick, also a Topline Products creation.

The brand’s second signature is its mercury colored shiny anodized aluminum packaging and silkscreened black tube that elegantly slides from its sheath.