Jean-Luc Haulet, the General Manager of Topline-Primapack

Jean-Luc Haulet, the General Manager of Topline-Primapack

A press conference organised on June 8th in the new offices of Topline Products-Primapack in the business district of Paris-La Defense which was the opportunity for Charles Chang, CEO, to outline the key points of his strategy before the entire French team of the Group.

"Topline Products, he recalled, designs and delivers standard and custom-made packagings, for make-up, personal care, perfumes products and turnkey solutions that include formulation and filling. This unique expertise in full service is made possible with the management of factories directly owned by our Asian network of industry partners whose specialties encompass the full array of needs of stakeholders in the beauty sector. But in addition to manufacturing, we focus on designing, and each year we develop innovative features and designs. To date we own more than forty patents."

A new two-in-one eyeshadow!

To note in this regard, one of the latest developments launched in the U.S.: a new two-in-one eyeshadow, Ultimate Performance Brightening for Mally Beauty, the brand of Mally Roncal, a make-up Artist of celebrities. "First step, we were explained at Topline, the colour base is applied with the foam applicator in order to apply the right quantity of formula. Ultra comfortable, the formula glides to moisturise, smooth and unify the eyelids. Second step, with the use of the tipped roll-on, the light powder settles gently without overloading eyelids. Both formulas unite perfectly to illuminate the look and create an intense and long lasting result.

As for the packaging of this duo eyeshadow it takes up the green pearl lacquering, dear to the American brand. The content of the coloured base was injected as clear as possible to enhance the colour and allow the consumer to select her shade. Finally, the fibres of the foam applicator were selected to enable the most comfortable application possible.

Innovation and social responsibility

"Innovation is really our vocation and driver," stressed Chang. "Manufacture... anyone can manufacture! But innovating is a different story! And I can tell you that we are currently working on a really innovative new lipstick tube concept which will also meet new environmental requirements. We don’t just manufacture according to the specifications provided by the customer. Our integrated teams in marketing and formulation can play a part upstream in the range creation, be a source of proposals or advise clients on trends, the choice of formulations and on the industrial feasibility of their projects."

Second important point for Topline’s leader, social responsibility. "Nothing is possible in our business without adequate training," insisted Chang. "That’s why, as you know, I’ve decided to get involved in the development of Packaging Engineering at the Rutgers University with the creation of an Advisory Board consisting of leaders and policy makers with a business or industry experience, or with government functions or in the education area, and who can provide us with help and advice."

Full service on the rise

Spearhead in the U.S. group strategy, its full service activity, which currently represents 35% of sales but is expected to reach 50% very quickly. For example, today, according to customer needs and formulas, Topline Products adapts its model and can either send an European or U.S. formula to China to only undertake the packaging, or propose a turnkey product made in China (formula , primary packaging, secondary packaging) or send the European formula to Mexico to have it conditioned in some Chinese or U.S. packagings and thus be the closest as possible to the U.S. and South American markets.

Hence, a comprehensive service, since the Group is capable of delivering a complete packaging - including the instructions for use - ready to be lined on the shelves!

Topline-Primapack Products or the European ambition

Founded in 2002, Primapack designs and develops primary, specific or standard packagings in the field of personal care, make-up and perfume. A specialist in plastic and metal injection, multi-material, decoration and various surface treatments, forming, galvanizing and electroplating, the firm manufactures packaging for most major brands in the beauty and skincare segment. "This acquisition was perfectly in line with our strategic goals, explained Chang, which are to provide very high quality products and services at a local scale and streamline the production line, while increasing our market responsiveness.

"For us, this merger had huge advantages, underlined Jean-Luc Haulet, the General Manager of Topline-Primapack. Since our inception we were only involved in trading activities, and we now have become real industrialists with a significant size and an unquestionable legitimacy. Our company is strengthening its technical expertise - a technical office both in Paris and in the U.S. - and its ability to innovate thanks to dedicated resources. Another plus: we now offer a full-service expertise."