Charles Chang (left) and Alain Chevassus

Charles Chang (left) and Alain Chevassus

This is a coherent operation for Topline who already weighs some USD100 million in sales, employs 2,000 people, runs five factories in China and who has spared no efforts during the last two years to also enter the American and European markets. "A presence all the more logical, as had explained Charles Chang to Premium Beauty News, last year, since Topline’s customers are located in every corner of the word and that Europe remains the largest Beauty market in the world. The opening of European customers to full-service made in China reinforced our decision to take that step. In addition, we have a unique expertise in the cosmetic sector as it covers both filling and packaging operations."

As of the 80s the firm was among the first to work with Asian partners for cosmetic packaging. In the mid-1990s, it is also one of the pioneers to have introduced Made in China full-service in the USA.

Then in a few years time, Topline developed an efficient industrial tool. By 1995, the firm opened its first factory in Shanghai, now specialized in metal processing and who manufactures, among others products, the very popular eyelash curlers marketed worldwide by Maybeline, Cover and Max Factor, not to mention make-up cases...

Three years later, in 1998, the group integrated the manufacture of cosmetic products, which now makes it possible to produce a whole range of make-up products.

In 2000, a new production unit was set up, this time dedicated to plastic injection, which now currently hosts no fewer than 150 presses, not to mention all the finishing equipment to manufacture indifferently, compacts, closures, jars, lipstick tubes lipgloss etc.

In 2002 a third unit was created, this time dedicated to brushes, applicators and powder puffs.

Finally in July 2010, the company announced the construction of a plant in Mexico and the acquisition of a plastic injection factory, Motor City Plastics in Dundee, Michigan, whose main strong point is bi-injection, and even tri-injection.

To note that Topline Products has been recognized four years in a row (2006-2009) one of New Jersey’s 50 most performing companies.

Primapack’s multiple expertises

As for Primapack, Cosfibel’s entity, it has performed remarkably well in 2010 with a turnover exceeding 21 million euros. With a trading activity that almost doubled in four years.

An increase which is due both to a greater penetration among traditional customers and to gaining new customers under the company’s core target which is make-up, but also and above all, thanks to the conquest of new markets in the areas of personal care and other sectors such as spirits (especially Brandy).

To note that Primapack relies on three offices in China, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong to ensure, sourcing, operations, the development and monitoring of supplies and quality control. Main fields of expertise, metal and plastic injection, multi-materials, decorations and various surface treatments, stamping, galvanizing and electroplating.

Concerning the latest novelties to date in the beauty sector,the complete make-up line for Burberry, the skincare line for Kenzoki, of Kenzo Parfums, Guerlain’s mini lipstick, and a lipstick By Terry.