Andy Gatesy, Toly's CEO

Andy Gatesy, Toly’s CEO

Just a short flashback ... Five years ago, Toly only owned one factory in Malta. Today, the Toly Group has four manufacturing plants and nine sales offices worldwide.

Toly’s manufacturing plant in Malta employs some three hundred people and operates forty-five injection moulding machines. Investment in the Malta plant is constant; just last August Toly announced plans to construct a new ultra modern eco unit.

Toly’s Chinese plant in Shenzhen, which opened four years ago, currently employs two hundred people and operates some nineteen injection moulding machines, primarily producing compacts and various caps and closures.

In India, Toly has set up base in a new manufacturing facility, which opened at the end of 2008. The plant, located in Dehradun is the first Western packaging supplier in the field of make-up and today consists of a hundred employees and eleven brand new injection moulding machines, producing closures and caps, lipstick tubes and Kajal pencils.

To become one of the majors in Airless

Last but not least is Toly’s fourth manufacturing plant. Located in Korea, it specialises in the production of airless packaging. This area of the Toly Group, known asTAP- Toly Airless Packaging consists of seventy employees and thirteen injection machines.

TAP - Clean Room

TAP - Clean Room

Airless, a niche market, in which Toly has every intention of becoming one of the market leaders."One of the component in terms of innovation", explains Andy Gatesy, CEO," implies new airless concepts and new shapes. And to play with shapes, there is only one solution, you must use systems with a pouch". This is one of the reasons why the Korean factory was recently equipped with a new assembly line with pouches.

TAP - Injection Moulding Machines

TAP - Injection Moulding Machines

During various presentations throughout the world, the company was able to recently display containers very different in shapes and sizes like airless jars, mini airless systems, slimline airless, double-wall airless, a new airless closing system, etc. ....

An expertise which will also include pump manufacturing and assembling.

Mascara and lipgloss: a production unit in Malta

Mascara and lipgloss, a segment for which the Group has announced the construction over the coming months, of a production unit for vials, in its factory in Malta. "Knowing that we will outsource the production of brushes to industry specialists", says Andy Gatesy," we will also work with suppliers in Taiwan and Korea to offer an extensive standard range, and we still have a strong alliance with our Japanese partner Sinwa".

The company is currently working on a new range of applicators which will be launched in 2010.

25 new lines of make-up boxes

Several development strategies that must not let us forget that the firm is always very active on traditional areas such as make-up boxes. It has designed this year some 25 new standard lines including an eco-friendly range with a 50% composition based on wood fibres. Not forgetting a whole range of new palettes for Dior, Sephora, Yves Rocher, Jemma Kidd etc...