Andy Gatesy, Toly's Chairman and CEO

Andy Gatesy, Toly’s Chairman and CEO

Premium Beauty News - "Who does not take a step forward, takes a step backwards! A saying that you follow to the letter!

Andy Gatesy - What other choice do we have? Everything is going so quickly today in the Beauty sector. Just look at what is happening, in particular, in the make-up niche. Dozens of new brands emerge every year... You can hardly believe the sales figures of these new brands posting millions of pieces, most of them unknown a few months ago, and that take the marketplace by storm. Subcontracting needs continue to grow... You must accompany and even anticipate the market and its trends. Demand for innovation is increasing more and more. We spend more than 300,000 euros in patent filings every year. Our development strategy in "Cushion" compacts, although started late, is exceeding our expectations with a level of orders never reached before. Success is the same in Asia with our packagings equipped with a dropper. New businesses are emerging everywhere in the world, like recently in Colombia.

Premium Beauty News - Clearly, your former business of "mere" packaging manufacturer is changing at great speed!
Andy Gatesy - To say the least! And we adapt ourselves as quickly as possible. Every day, I can only be satisfied with my decision of having set up a top-level Innovation Centre in Malta, which was the result of many years of research in new packagings and new applicators for the perfume and cosmetic industry. Clients can access some 800 models on display, try them, test them, and compare them. But that’s not all! We also hired a MakeUp Artist two years ago and a Beauty Blogger three years ago.

Each month a real "Trend Team" works with our development, innovation and design teams. We have managed to dramatically shorten the creation and production lead-times: in some cases, we jumped from seven months to three weeks! ’We started by being an engineering company - Building moulds and converting plastics and when I became CEO 26 years ago we became a packaging supplier and now we are a Beauty Solutions provider.