The partnership focuses on the development of new application systems based on silicon. The products will be manufactured by CVA Silicone and sold by Toly Products around the world.

"Leveraging silicon’s elasticity, soft touch, anti-microbial and skin friendly properties, we will develop the make-up and skincare applicators of tomorrow. Our goal at this stage is not only to complete the coverage of the value chain for Beauty brands, but to anticipate new make-up and personal care routines combining technologies with an innate understanding of skin," said Nicolas Oternaud, President & Head of Innovation of CVA Group in a statement.

"With CVA’s world leading technology and know-how, combined with Toly’s creativity and global industrial footprint, we will co-develop and manufacture innovations in silicon application systems to continuously excite brands and their consumers," stated Andy Gatesy, CEO and Chairman of Toly Products.

CVA Silicone will be joining Toly Products during the Luxe Pack Monaco exhibition, from September 30th to October 2nd, 2019.