The company specialising in the design and manufacturing of zamak pieces for perfumes has produced the collar of the new edition of Bulgari’s Rose Goldea Blossom Delight.

Recycled zamak was the privileged choice for this bottle. The recycled zamak collar, extended by an aluminium stovepipe, is decorated with injected a white epoxy varnish.

TNT Global Manufacturing had to meet a series of technical challenges: the combination of shades; the meticulous filling of epoxy resin in cavities; the precise polishing to homogenize the whole piece; and the engraved logo on the top of the collar also.

Created in 2013, TNT Global Manufacturing designs, develops and manufactures high quality metal - zamak, aluminium, brass, stainless steel - and plastic components for the perfume, cosmetics and makeup industry, such as: caps, shells, decorative plates, luxury boxes and cosmetic applicators’ components.