For the launch of their long lasting lip gloss as the newest addition to their Seduction Collection, Jimmy Choo entrusted primary and secondary premium packaging manufacturer TNT Group. An expert of zamak components, TNT Group already supplies a number of packaging pieces for the Seduction Collection.

The new lip gloss is available in ten satiny shades. The spherical upper part of the cap, which the same for the lip gloss and the lipstick, as well as the lower part of the cap are produced of zamak. The gold finish is achieved through an e-coating process.

The sphere of the upper part is hammered to create texture, the lower part of the cap simulates a pedestal designed as a geometric triangular frieze that continue seamlessly down the container. The zamak cap is perfectly aligned on the container.

The applicator wand is made of translucent PETG (Polyethylene terephthalate glycol) while the applicator itself is produced of white PA (polyamid), the orifice reducer is made of LDPE (Low-density polyethylene).

The container is realized in two parts, in a translucent PETG imitating crystal.

The Jimmy Choo logo is decorated onto container via hot stamping and silk screening for the tint references.

One of the challenge of this realization laid in the detail of the base of the tube in PETG, that needed to respect a certain density and at the same time avoiding visible flux of the gloss,” added the supplier in a statement.

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