New gesture

Women are increasingly demanding. “Today when we call up Mascara, they ask for a quick, easy tool with which they also want to be able to reproduce a perfect make-up effect,” we are said at Albéa.

Albéa’s answer? The TIO concept: a two in one mascara that transforms according to the desired make-up effect.

Indeed, to reach the perfect result of volume and definition, make up artists usually use two different tools, one for loading and the other one for combing the lashes. Such a gesture is a bit complicate and this is why Albéa searched for a solution to simplify and make it more accessible to women. With its patented double wiper system, TIO can provide two make up effects with one brush.

Double cap

In practice, the design of this two in one mascara is based on a bottle with a double cap for a two step application.

The lower cap for step 1 , that corresponds to the brush with a loose wiper, the loading tool. The upper cap for step 2, that corresponds to the brush with a tight wiper, the combing tool.

Women can thus adapt the make- up effect to each moment of the day, with three different combinations:

 The perfect make up result : step1 + step 2,
 Day/night make up: step 2 for a light make up during the day and step 1 for a more intense look at night to go out !
 Up & Down: step 1 for loaded upper lashes and step 2 for a more discreet touch on lower lashes.

This innovative mascara was already chosen by Bourjois for the European launch of its Volumizer mascara.