TikTok Shop US brings shoppable videos and live stream sessions across the country, thus giving brands, merchants, and creators new tools to sell directly through the app. According to Nielsen IQ, 85% of total TikTok Shop sales during its September launch in the US where in the health and beauty category. Within that category, the top-selling products were: facial skin care, vitamins & supplements, fragrance, teeth whitening kits, lip cosmetics.

It’s not surprising to see facial skin care and lip cosmetics (products that qualify as beauty impulse purchases) rising to the top of the list, but categories like Vitamins & Supplements and Teeth Whitening Kits generally aren’t considered impulse categories. TikTok Shop is already driving an interesting new retail dynamic,” commented the market research firm in a press release.

Meteoric growth

Nielsen IQ also reports that in September, TikTok Shop ranked twentieth in health and beauty sales among e-commerce retailers in the U.S.

In view of this meteoric growth, Nielsen IQ thinks TikTok is poised to disrupt the retail space, especially in the beauty category, where social media profoundly influences purchasing decisions. “The visually appealing nature of beauty products lends itself to the medium of social media, enabling the creation of compelling ads and organic content that resonate with audiences,” said Nielsen IQ.

Of course, influencers a have also played a pivotal role in attracting consumers and driving sales within this ecosystem.

In this context, Nielsen IQ announces the launch of a new measurement tool and data tracking service for TikTok sales. “TikTok Shop is a rapidly growing platform, and brands and retailers need to understand how their products are performing on it. Our new measurement will provide them with the insights they need to make informed decisions about their TikTok Shop strategies,” explained John Busardo, Senior Vice President and Beauty & OTC Vertical Lead, Nielsen IQ.

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