Sleep disorders constitute a global problem that threatens health, but also skin quality. Seppic addresses consumers’ sleep-related issues with TALADVANCE™: an extract of Malagasy leaves of Centella asiatica that regulates skin chronobiology and has significant effects on skin radiance and suppleness, thanks to an action during both day and night.

Regulation of skin chronobiology

Healthy skin has its own rhythm, with defense and repair mechanisms renewing skin like clockwork. This rhythm is circadian and follows a 24-hour cycle, during day and night times. Skin circadian rhythm results in specific molecules that interact with cells throughout the body and whose synthesis is controlled by biological clock genes.

Sleep deprivation can greatly influence skin health and disrupt our circadian rhythms, resulting in increased signs of skin aging (fine lines, uneven pigmentation, reduced elasticity, signs of fatigue), with much slower recovery rates after skin barrier disruption and lower satisfaction with appearance.

An in vitro model in chronobiology developed by Seppic highlights that TALADVANCE™ regulates skin clock genes and resynchronizes fibroblasts.
In this way, TALADVANCE™ participates in the restoration and maintenance of the skin homeostasis, and so restores the skin circadian rhythm when deregulated.

Healthy skin: radiance and suppleness

Clinically, TALADVANCE™ showed a significant effect to reach a healthy skin, thanks to an action during both day and night. Indeed at 2%, after 28 days, it improves skin suppleness tested at night and skin luminosity and radiance tested during the day. Additionally, in only 30 minutes, TALADVANCE™ at 5% visibly improves skin radiance, uniformity and tone.

Easy to formulate, TALADVANCE™ can help to formulate trendy cosmetic products and in particular to target pre-bed occasions with skin care products.