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10 years

Three questions to TechNature

Premium Beauty News - How would you describe your company’s contribution to the beauty industry?

Technature - Innovation is in Technature’s DNA. Our company has offered our customers both expertise and know-how for over 20 years in the formulation and design of several types of most differentiating masks.

We export on all continents, which provides us with excellent knowledge of specific needs, so that we adapt our new products and innovations in line with the different markets. Our positioning as a “creator of innovative cosmetic concepts” seduces customers because they embrace and even anticipate consumer expectations. Our R&D team deciphers global trends in real time, in particular by attending 14 international shows every year. Our exceptional creativity and perfect knowledge of regulations and raw materials complete the expertise that has made Technature a reference in cosmetic innovation.

Within such a competitive industry, Technature is positioned as a “WoW Products®” designer. We offer two to three major innovations every year and four cosmetics formulas are validated every week. 10% of our staff is dedicated to R&D to find new galenics, new operating methods…

In addition, the R&D department explores all territories. They are absolutely free in terms of creativity, so they can study what other sectors do as a source of inspiration, as can be seen with the partnership we built up with the LeafLab start-up. This company had a specific technology and know-how in terms of plant leaf treatment that completed our expertise in masks and cosmetics. Together, we developed a plant-derived mask based on plants and plant extracts: Leaf Mask® (which won an award at the in-cosmetics Paris show and caught the attention of the PLMA jury in Amsterdam).

Technature has managed to industrialize and impose itself on various markets. We have invested in different machines over the past few years, so we could register many patents and recently got the Talents INPI label.
Ultimately, the company has just been awarded the BPI Prix d’Excellence for its strong growth potential and dynamism, which helps us benefit from their support as part of the “SME accelerator” programme.

Premium Beauty News - What are the main transformations affecting your business today?

Technature - European and international regulations have strengthened and got more complex over the years, so we had to catch up as fast as possible with an extended regulatory department. We also aim to adapt to current and future trends and consumer behaviours.

Premium Beauty News - What is your vision of beauty in 10 years? What will be your contribution to this beauty of the future?

Technature - The profile of the activist, committed, socially aware consumer in search of natural ingredients and higher and higher performing, accessible, unique, and personalized products will keep developing. This search for naturalness will be increasingly associated with new, more and more ubiquitous technologies. Our role will be to combine technicity and naturalness.

In addition, products will be increasingly tailor-made, meeting the requirements of a smart beauty adapted to both men and women.
Lastly, the boom of scientific studies on the skin microbiome regularly results in breakthroughs as regards its role in maintaining our skin’s health. These discoveries pave the way for cosmetics innovations: products will have to preserve the balance of this ecosystem.

Premium Beauty News is 10 years old!
10 years

Premium Beauty News is 10 years old!

Ten years after its official launch in September 2008, Premium Beauty News has become one of the world’s authoritative media serving the cosmetics industry. Brand owners, suppliers, retailers and consultants find in our articles, topical news, often exclusive, that help them both fuel their vision of beauty and develop their strategies.

Now, more than 43,000 subscribers receive the Premium Beauty News newsletter each week, in English or French, and nearly 6,000 people receive the Brazil Beauty News Portuguese newsletter. And these figures continue to grow from one month to the other!

To celebrate these ten years, we offer you this special issue concocted in the height of summer. Our first bi-media issue: both digital and printed! The opportunity for us to take a quick retrospective look, but most of all, true to our editorial line, to try to better understand the developments of the market and to turn our eyes to the immediate and more distant future, giving voice to the best experts in the field!

Vincent Gallon
Founder & Managing editor


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