Premium Beauty News - How would you describe your company’s contribution to the beauty industry?

Ancorotti Cosmetics - Ancorotti Cosmetics is a leading contract manufacturing company, providing a wide range of products, from makeup to skincare, appreciated by the most famous brands worldwide. We are able to produce in large quantities, which is why our customers prefer to rely on us for big orders. If we look at mascara, we sell around 1.500 tons per year! Globally, one in five mascaras on the market comes from our factory. Counting emulsions, back injection products and powders, every year our factories produce over 100 million pieces. Our company’s high quality of manufacture is another key success factor: our custom-formulated products epitomize Italian-made excellence. Moreover, innovation is our core-value, and we invest a lot in R&D. As a matter of fact, we are not “just” manufactures: I’d rather say we are developers, or total solutions providers.

Premium Beauty News - What are the main transformations affecting your business today?

Ancorotti Cosmetics - The 1970s saw the beginning of the outsourcing phenomenon, which has increasingly caught on in the beauty business and today the majority of the world’s makeup is produced by contract manufacturers. Brands benefit from these companies’ skills and assets without having to own plants or labs, avoiding huge investments in new technologies, industrial machinery, workforce acquisition or research. They don’t have to deal directly with packaging suppliers and can receive state-of-the-art proposals in terms of innovation and trends. They can buy finished goods that are safe, compliant to the relevant legislative and regulatory framework and ready for market. Italy-based B2B cosmetics companies closed 2017 with a turnover of over 1 billion euros, with a + 8.5% annual increase — higher than the overall growth of the cosmetics business. Outsourcing cosmetics manufacturing is the future of the beauty industry.

Premium Beauty News - What is your vision of beauty in 10 years? What will be your contribution to this beauty of the future?

Ancorotti Cosmetics - Beauty is going natural, organic, bio, even vegan. People buy what they perceive to be sustainable, healthy products. This influences the beauty industry in a positive way. Traceability and transparency, eco-friendly developments such as carbon footprint reduction and advances in research are just a few examples.

Another macro-trend is individuality. Nowadays, we look for ways to enhance our personality in its uniqueness and promote diversity. In the future, thanks to technology, makeup products will be increasingly user-oriented, customizable and adaptable to individual needs. The beauty industry is turning 4.0, empowering consumers to personalize their products, to create them even. A few apps that help consumers choose the perfect shade or e-commerce websites enabling shoppers to compose their own beauty kits are already available on the market, as well as smart products whose final effect varies according to one’s skin tone.

Developers must push innovation and invest in new technologies, but also establish a constant dialogue with research institutions in interdisciplinary fields (including chemistry, engineering, business intelligence etc.). Last but not least, we must not forget that the best ideas stem directly from the consumers: the beauty of the future is in their hands.