Beiersdorf wants to capitalize on its successes in the Middle-East and has chosen Dubai as the second city after Hamburg to host a Nivea Haus. The flagship store opened last week in Dubai’s largest shopping mall. In a region where beauty and care play an important cultural role and where there is a close relationship between tradition and modernity, sales by the overall Nivea brand increased by 47 percent in the past year. Beiersdorf is particularly successful in this area with Nivea make-up, which recorded a market share of 46 percent in its segment in 2007.

The Nivea Haus is designed to be an oasis of relaxation offering face treatments, nurturing manicures and fashionable hairstyling. It is also a cornerstone in the reinforcement of Nivea’s masstige positioning.

Beiersdorf also announced the opening of another Nivea Haus in Berlin, Germany, in a few monthes.