The climate emergency, and more generally the questions inherent in the ecology and environment, are today at the heart of international concerns.

Governments tend to multiply the measures to provide solutions to these problems and invite manufacturers to rethink their offer in order to adapt to a changing demand.

Aware of the need to question consumption patterns that have long been accepted as normative, consumers are gradually formulating new needs in terms of hygiene and cosmetic products.

Thus, we underline the growing interest of Europeans for new galenic products. Light, eco-friendly, mobile, concentrated, and economical, these applications are full of assets and constitute growth opportunities for brands wishing to develop their offer on a market that is still in its infancy.

Argeville has developed solid expertise in the field of new galenic products. Between technical challenges and creativity, the research of supports and the development of formulations are at the heart of our applications department, which is committed to transforming basic products into waterless versions: solid shampoo, powder shower gel, bath bomb, massage bar, etc.

The short and generally more concentrated formulas are stabler and have better preservation, particularly because of their low or absent water content. This is a major added value when we know that water stress will affect nearly 50% of the world’s population by 2050.

Fragrance, the added value in formulation

This context encourages Argeville to capitalise on its natural center located in La Laupie, in the Drôme provençale.

Plant raw materials from local farms are extracted and transformed into concretes and absolutes. In addition to controlling the process from plant cultivation to transformation, our natural center ensures the traceability of the ingredients used by our perfumers. Traceability and short circuit are particularly interesting within the framework of the valorization of the fragrances intended for these anhydrous/waterless galenics. To respond to Waterless and to another growing demand for products containing more renewable carbon, our team is able to work with relevant labels, such as Cosmos Organic and Cosmos Natural, as well as with other standards complying to ISO 16128. The content of natural and organic ingredients is superior to synthetic products, which use is limited, if not prohibited.

The olfactory equation is therefore an exciting challenge for perfumers who work to enhance the value of Argeville ingredients through creations that meet strict and evolving standards.

The top notes are pushed to maintain olfactory qualities similar to those of classic skincare products, and are sublimated through soft, long-lasting compositions that favour care and well-being.

This olfactory mastery combined with technical know-how in the formulation of waterless applications give Argeville a double expertise. It allows us to respond favourably to the growing demand for skincare products with a limited overall ecological impact, both in their manufacturing process and in their consumption.