From a single plant, we can obtain many active ingredients, each with different properties. Thanks to upcycling, from which 43% of our cosmetic ingredients come from, at Expanscience, we limit our impact on the environment by avoiding the creation of new cultures and the collection of other plant sources.

Upcycled ingredients made from avocado

From the avocado, we are able to obtain 6 cosmetic ingredients!

For more than 30 years, Laboratoires Expanscience have made the avocado into a product of excellence. Oil and precious molecules are extracted from this fruit to produce active ingredients with many different activities.

The avocado is upcycled not once, but three times at Expanscience! Firstly, we only source avocados that are deemed unsuitable for the food industry, secondly, we use a byproduct of our pharmaceutical industry to develop our products and finally we use the byproducts of the pressing (cake) to produce 2 active ingredients and 1 sensorial ingredient. These previous “wastes” are recycled to become cosmetic active ingredients!

All our ingredients made from avocadoes are obtained from a Laboratoires Expanscience patented process. The whole fruit (skin, pulp and core) are sliced, dehydrated then pressed.

On the one hand, the fruit is pressed to obtain avocado oil from which the unsaponifiables are extracted, precious molecules used in our pharmaceutical process. We recover the byproduct of this industry to produce 2 avocado oils (standard and premium) after a refining step.

After an esterification step, we obtain from this oil 5α-Avocuta® T, a sebo-regulating active ingredient for skin & hair.

On the other hand, once the oil is extracted, we are left with avocado cakes from which we can extract 2 other active ingredients. Effipulp®, an active rich in peptides, anti-ageing & plumping that boosts the hyaluronic acid synthesis; and Number 6, an active rich in polyphenols that reduces dark circles, depuffs eye bags and boosts the skin’s radiance.

These two are made from avocadoes sourced exclusively in Peru. Our presence in Lima for over 15 years with our factory Deshidratados Tropicales, ensures a perfect control over our Peruvian supply chains (Avocado, Maracuja & Maca) and guarantees their quality, traceability, and durability.

Discover our Peruvian supply chains in this video:

Finally, after having extracted 5 active ingredients, the remaining avocado powder is used as a gentle exfoliant. In the end, 100% of the avocado is valued!

Upcycled ingredients made from maracuja

From the maracuja, we are able to obtain 3 cosmetic ingredients!

Maracuja (or passionfruit) is native to South America. It is a climbing vine, well known for the use of its fruits, which have a high antioxidant content, and from which is extracted a very refreshing juice. Our maracuja is sustainably sourced in Peru.

Our 3 ingredients made from maracuja are obtained from an upcycling process as they are extracted from the seeds, which are discarded from the food industry. The seeds represent 6 to 12% of the fruit, so it’s an additional 6 to 12% valued! The byproducts stimulate the local economy by guaranteeing the producers access to a new market, thus providing an additional source of income.

On the one hand, maracuja oil is pressed from which is extracted unsaponifiables for Passioline®, a repairing, remodeling, and soothing active ingredient.
On the other hand, polyphenols are extracted from remaining maracuja cake to make Ormesia®, an active ingredient that protects the skin from in & outdoor pollution.

Upcycled ingredient made from maca

Maca, revered for its medicinal properties, grows in fragile soils. This tuber is one of the very rare plants able to survive in the extreme climatic conditions common on the high Andean plateaus. It is also commonly called “Peruvian ginseng” for its energizing properties.

We source our maca only in Peru (Latin America), its land of origin, to give priority to endemic species, and with respect of traditional farming practices: the land is cultivated for two years then left fallow for the next ten.

The know-how is transmitted to the local community, including technologies for washing and drying at altitude.

The supply chain is Fair for Life certified. This certification is only delivered to companies who demonstrate decent working conditions. Fair for Life certification holder companies commit to fair sourcing practices and responsibilities from the plant to the product.

Macaline® is an upcycled active ingredient as it is extracted from maca leaves, a byproduct of maca roots, which is used for our active ingredient Skinhairgium® Bio.

Macaline® is a firming, draining and slimming active ingredient for a reshaped silhouette. Skinhairgium® Bio is a revitalizing active ingredient, anti-hair loss & fortifying for the hair and anti-ageing & radiance booster for the skin.

We also offer other upcycled French-sourced ingredients, such as Collageneer®, an anti-ageing active ingredient that boosts the skin’s collagen, extracted from white lupine shells and a virgin prunus oil with a natural almond scent, extracted from plum kernels. White lupin shells and plum kernels are both co-products of the food industry.

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