Volatile silicones in cosmetics are high-performing ingredients that have a soft, silky sensory feel on the skin and hair but with significant drawbacks to the environment. Lubrizol Life Science Beauty’s SilSense™Bio 5 emollient is a sustainable silicone alternative to D5 Cyclopentasiloxane that provides the same performance and sensory feel in leave-on applications, specifically for skin care, hair care, sun care and makeup formulations.

SilSense Bio 5 emollient is a biodegradable, highly pure, fast-spreading volatile emollient that provides a lightweight and nongreasy soft feel to the hair, scalp and skin. It is a sustainable bio-alkane chemistry, derived from a non-GMO, 100% vegetable oil. This emollient is COSMOS-approved and vegan-, halal- and kosher-compliant.

When used in hair care formulations, SilSense Bio 5 emollient brings softness and smoothness to the fiber in wet and dry applications. It provides better volume and frizz control and has been shown to improve the scalp’s condition by providing moisturization and improved barrier function. It also helps maintain the pH of the skin of the scalp.

In skin care, sun care and makeup applications, the addition of SilSense Bio 5 emollient provides formulations a light sensory, with a smooth and dry after feel as well as good pigment dispersion. Using a SilSense Bio 5 emollient shows less transfer of makeup, resulting in an almost unperceivable loss of color on the skin and almost no transfer of makeup to fabric.

SilSense Bio 5 emollient was recognized as an innovative ingredient to deliver captivating sensorial and makeup finishes at in-cosmetics Global 2023 with the Silver Make-up Bar Award.