American indie brands have deeply changed the beauty game. Viral, small, quick, disruptive, they constantly challenge us and keep us on our toes. But this indie wave goes way beyond the US frontiers, sparking a global trend that is now cascading on Europe.

In France, new small artisan brands are bubbling, disrupting the indie game through the lenses of French codes. A fascinating wave that we call Indie French Touch, where Beauty rhymes with artisan, sustainability and, of course, effortless chic.

During the 8th edition of the Made in France Exhibition, we had to pleasure to meet with the most inspiring entrepreneurs, and discovered 3 French brands that perfectly embody the trend.

L’Accent - Chestnuts from the French Cévennes and “dermo-maquilage”

As if transforming chestnuts into foundation wasn’t enough of a miracle, new indie brand L’Accent goes one step further and invents the French word “dermo-maquilage” to express the perfect mix between skincare and makeup. Founded by two cosmetics experts, L’Accent hand picks chestnuts and grind them into a super-fine, tinted, moisturizing powder, naturally enriched with antioxidants and polyphenols. The very first Beauty chestnut spread.

L’Accent (Photo : Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation / @Cosmeticseeds)

What we love: "from tree to skin" : a beautiful idea that celebrates the French notion of “terroir”, with a strong innovative process (chestnut powder).

Les Simples de Charlotte (“Charlotte’s Simples”) - When Witchy French Apothecary meets Luxury

We love the quote “simplicity is complexity resolved” - and this beautiful brand might just perfectly embodies it. Master herbalist Charlotte chose the word “simple” for its philosophy, deeply rooted in nature and authenticity (“simples” were also the name to call medicinal herbs back in the Middle Ages). Everyday, this modern druid hand-picks herbs and transform them into “simple” potions (hydrolats, essential oils, macerated extracts slowly heated by the sun…) to create “minimalistic and organic” cosmetics.

Les Simples de Charlotte (Photo : Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation / @Cosmeticseeds)

What we love: The very notion of artisan skincare. We get back to an antique knowledge of French apothecary in a preserved Nature, and enjoy a land where time stand still.

Môme care - (Finally) Kids friendly skincare

Môme (in French,“offspring”) first started off in the US, the very land of Clean Beauty, and is just starting to take off in France. The brand is 100% Made in France and 100% safe, with skincare specially targeted for the little ones. After a first refillable deodorant, Môme launched its first everything skincare product, “Crème Indispensable”, that comes in 3 different sizes : “S” (5 to 10 year old) to “L” (15 and +). And - of course - it’s all blue, white and red.

Môme Care (Photo : Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation / @Cosmeticseeds)

What we love: the cutest version of Clean Beauty à la Française, very 2019.

The Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation agency created a trend-report dedicated to the Indie French Touch.

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