Pierfranco Accardo, CEO, Artcosmetics

Premium Beauty News - Artcosmetics was created in 1990! Hence, you will be celebrating its 27th anniversary!

Pierfranco Accardo - Indeed our progression was fast, but it mostly increased in the early 2000s. From 2002 onwards, a targeted commercial policy enabled Artcosmetics to become a recognized manufacturer and a new benchmark in the Italian market. Artcosmetics is growing at an amazing pace. Our Company, a third-party make-up manufacturer posted a turnover of 45 million euros in 2015, up 25% over 2014, + 55% in 2016 reaching 70 million - we expect to close the fiscal year with 80 million euros.

Tangible growth, thanks also to the expansion of the production capacity: over the years Artcosmetics has opened new sites and today it can rely on 11 production sites in Italy, a sales office in New York and an office in Seoul.

Among major projects, the opening of a new factory in order to improve production capacity; a new factory, which will bring the total production area from the current 16,000 m2 square meters to more than 32,000 m2.

As for this new factory that will be up and running in 2018, it will allow us to double production, nothing less! The Company’s name, Artcosmetics, draws on the primary values of Art, namely, vision, creativity and the "look beyond".

Premium Beauty News - You owe much of your progression to your R&D Department...

Pierfranco Accardo - We make excellent makeup for face, eyes and lips (foundation, mascara, gloss, lipstick, eye shadow, bronzer etc.). Each year, our laboratories create new formulas in order to meet all market requirements and specific customer needs. Our highly skilled experts constantly look for new unique raw materials and latest generation actives, resulting in products with truly innovative claims. More than forty people work in our R&D Department.

We like to identify ourselves as a source of ideas, as we follow every project carefully, thanks also to a close collaboration with product and service providers.

Regarding this latter point, I’d like to highlight Artcosmetics’ solid relations with raw materials suppliers. These relationships are indispensable to create cutting edge formulas with quality ingredients. In the same way, true partnerships are established with packaging suppliers, with whom it is possible to materialize ideas for creating new gestures and new delivery systems. No less important is our collaboration with high-level designers for the development of cutting-edge mechanical technologies.

Premium Beauty News - Your export business strategy is clearly focused on the United States?

Pierfranco Accardo - That’s right, but Asia is also a key target. We actually recently opened an office in Seoul, South Korea.