Charles von Abercron

Charles von Abercron

Premium Beauty News - In three years, Glossybox globally emerged as one of the main actors of the beauty box concept. What is your assessment at this stage?

Charles von Abercron - Every 12 seconds we sell a new box. We are really proud of these facts. We are represented in ten countries and three continents. It is highly interesting to see how the beauty industry works in other countries, which habits, or which products are more likely to be appreciated by German, American or Swedish customers. What is also very important is our surveys. This is how we know that our customers’ favorite product in ALL countries is Mascara. We have also recently learned, according to a survey, that French women among others, are the ones that value being tanned the most.

Premium Beauty News - How to explain the Glossybox success story?

Charles von Abercron - It is the love of detail that makes our success, and makes the difference. Therefore, our Mantra is “It’s not done until it is perfect”. We want our customers to have the best experience and reach their expectations. The use of Big Data on the one hand, and our beauty expertise on the other, ensure that the composition of the box is appreciated and brings joy to the user. The fact that we use Big Data makes our company unique. Our goal is to know our customers better than they know themselves. To this aim, Big Data is essential to us. Trying to surprise customers by sending products they will like without knowing them is somehow the secret of Glossybox’s success story.

We take also advantage of the fact that we are an international company. So brand awareness can be developed in several countries at the same time. In Sweden, for instance, it worked out really well and really fast.

Premium Beauty News - Is the Beauty Box phenomenon still so trendy?

Charles von Abercron - When I just take a look at the figures, I have the feeling that the potential of beauty boxes is far from being exhausted. In an era of mass consumption, where everybody has everything, we need to convince people by using other marketing tools, such as emotionalizing. This is where we take our advantage. Customers want to be surprised, and to discover products they do not know, but which suit their needs. The unboxing experience reaches that goal.

Premium Beauty News - What are your projects of development?

Charles von Abercron - Our current project is to increase customer satisfaction and enthusiasm, which is working very well already: within 6/six months, we managed to improve our customer satisfaction from 68 to 84 %. We expect to reach 90%. This is why we are launching a new version of our Glossybox for our third anniversary. We really hope it is going to please customers and make the unboxing moment even more exciting. The design of the box is the result of common/joint work with our customers.

Premium Beauty News - Do you also plan to open stores like your competitor?

Charles von Abercron - This might happen in the future, and we have already had a few first tests with the opening of pop up stores in Sweden and in the US. It is a completely different experience for the customer. However, for the moment we are devoted to the ultimate customer unboxing experience.