Albéa’s new-generation PCR [1] tube uses a new exclusive mix of materials, Encore.

With this Encore material mix approved for food contact, the new PCR tube from Albéa is now available in single-layer form, and still in co-extrusion. It also now contains PCR material in the tube head. In total, PCR material makes up over 50% of the sleeve + head assembly.

This PCR Encore material mix is currently patent-pending for Albéa.

This tube represents a continuation of the Art of Reduction program. “The principle: To encourage our customers to combine our different eco-designed solutions to ultimately obtain the tube that has the least possible impact on the environment.” Nicholas Thorne, Director, Innovation & Sustainable Development.

It is very much possible, and indeed recommended, for the PCR tube to be associated with our range of lightened capsules, Slender and AccessDenied.

Albéa continually endeavors to offset the unavoidable carbon emissions of this most-eco-designed tube in partnership with the Climate Care organization, which supports renewable-energy projects in emerging countries.