This means makeup must go beyond aesthetics, integrating skincare and immediate benefits to meet the needs of consumers now looking for more from their makeup than just flawless coverage. New products must now be designed for the huge shift consumers are experiencing in their lives online and their increased concern about the environmental impact of their actions.

New online lifes

As video conferencing becomes the norm, beauty needs will also reflect these on-screen lifestyles. Foundations, undereye concealers and eyeshadows need to not only make consumers look good in video, but also protect the skin against blue light which can cause premature skin ageing.

Environmental concerns

Additionally, consumers are more passionate about protecting the planet and are becoming more concerned about the environmental impact of their products. They are willing to take personal actions toward a sustainable future, demanding transparent, natural, ethically sourced and sustainable beauty products.

Conscious Makeup

That is why Lubrizol Life Science Beauty (LLS Beauty) has introduced Conscious Makeup, a new collection of nature-based formulations with 95% natural origin content.

The line includes the Everlasting Flawless Facial Foundation, a lightweight formula that stays put all day. It reduces skin shininess and the appearance of pores with Matmarine™ biotech ingredient; utilizes Lumicease™ blue ingredient to protect against light radiation and light-caused damage to be screen-ready anytime; and Matrifuse™ S-1 dispersant to provide pigment dispersion for better coverage.

The Water-Resistant Mascara is a long-lasting formula that glides on softly, making lashes appear longer all day. Its key ingredients include Kelco-Care™ diutan gum for viscosity and smooth texture, Avalure™ UR 450 polymer for water resistance and Actiphyte™ rosemary to enhance the appearance of lash length.

The collection also includes a Satin Finish Lipstick with a smooth, moisturizing formula that applies evenly, leaving lips feeling rejuvenated, fuller and ultra-soft. Key ingredients include Schercemol™ 1818 ester for a satin finish, as well as Actiphyte™ ingredients to protect skin cells from UVB-induced damage and provide a long-term plumping effect.

The new Conscious Beauty collection will resonate with consumers who are influenced by the digital aesthetic and insist on protecting the environment.

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