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Emmanuelle Bassmann

The new wellness hubs in London

In today’s fast paced world, we find ourselves with an increasing need to find space and quiet, fuel our bodies with good nutrition, find emotional balance and of course keeping ourselves beautiful. Consumers continue to search for better life experiences a more holistic approach to beauty. As beauty and wellness continue to evolve into one entity, wellness hubs are exploding, going far beyond the traditional spa, offering immersive experiences that combine mind, body and health.

As part of this wellness attitude is the vitamin obsession, with approximately half of the UK and US population taking vitamins daily. Within this lies the IV vitamins craze, first started by celebrities and now part of the new wellness hubs offerings. So, what’s an IV? A method of administering vitamins and minerals through a catheter directly into the bloodstream. Vitamins also come in the form of Intra muscular (IM) injections given under the skin directly into the muscles as a one-off shot. An emerging area is the laser IV, a red or blue LED light is put directly into the bloodstream through a catheter, stimulating circulating blood and stem cells resulting in increased energy and wellness benefits.

One of the early adopters of this integrated approach to beauty and wellness was Harrods Wellness Clinic which opened in Spring 2017. In the serene and calming space, a prerequisite of any wellness space, you will find treatment rooms, personal training studios, private consultation rooms and a full-body cryotherapy chamber. World renowned practitioners offer aesthetic non-invasive procedures alongside IV vitamins from The Elixir Clinic. Their bestselling IV’s? The Immunity VitaDrip which is packed with ingredients to strengthen the immune system and the Anti-aging VitaDrip which rejuvenates and hydrates the skin, assisting in restoring collagen.

Integrative beauty is exceptionally exciting right now….and our approach to this is the best of the aesthetic beauty world, combined with a much more holistic approach to beauty and treatments,” explains Annalise Fard, Harrods Beauty and Home Director.

Harrods Wellness Reception

Harrods Wellness Reception

The new wellness hubs are also becoming the new social hubs. Relaxing, treating our bodies and minds, but also a hub where we can meet and re-connect with others and learn new things. Cloud Twelve a private members wellness and lifestyle club in Notting Hill London opened September 2018 is one such place. Founded by Jenya Emets, an ex-city highflier who has since become a trained Naturopath wanted to create “An interactive play zone for families, an indulgent spa, luxury salon, nutritionally-focused brasserie and wellness clinic. A third space between work and home that brings friends and families alike together to relax, share ideas, learn new skills and improve overall wellness.

For Cloud Twelve their biggest selling point has to be that they have gone above and beyond and taken a more innovative approach with a children’s play and learning zone where there is a focus on art, movement, cognitive development, wellness, mindfulness and learning about sustainability of the world. The spa’s best seller is their Softmesology a non-invasive alternative to needles. It’s a three- part treatment that starts with application of a serum, followed by cryotherapy and finished off with luminotherapy with 954 LED light bulbs to boost radiance, fight acne, plump, heal, tighten the skin and stimulate collagen production.  They also offer Ayurvedic inspired treatments, alternative medicine and wellness clinics, cryotherapy treatments, IV infusion and colonic hydrotherapy treatments. There is also the option to simply have your hair and nails done too.

Glow Bar, café and wellness hub located in London’s West End opened in August 2018. Created by Sasha Sabapathy she considers it to be is a wellness company for women. “I wanted to create an environment that promoted a 360 approach to health and wellness, in a space that was both relaxed but fun and cool.” The focus is on adaptogen fuelled food and drink using their own in-house brand of adaptogen supplement powders, each aimed at doing something different; boosting mood to improving skin, etc.

The highlight is their infra-red saunas, using infrared light to heat the body from within. Already popular in wellness hubs in NYC and LA, now gaining steam in the UK. You and a friend sweat yourself to better skin. Ridding yourself of toxins, leading to a better glow, relieving stress and burning calories. They also host a weekly event called the ‘glow hour’ an educational hour where you can learn techniques to deal with life’s daily stresses or how to achieve glowing skin.

GlowBar Infrared Sauna

GlowBar Infrared Sauna

The new wellness destinations & hubs are becoming family inclusive places. Places that mix aesthetic treatments with wellness and health. Spaces to clear the mind and reset. A visit will leave you feeling enriched on an educational, emotional and physical level. You will leave feeling energized, boosted and looking really very pretty.

Emannuelle Bassmann


  • Cloud Twelve - Children's Learning Zone
  • Cloud Twelve - Relaxation Room
  • Cloud Twelve - Thermal Suite
  • GlowBar Café
  • Harrods Waiting Area
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