Premium Beauty News -Why did you choose Alkos Group?

Florence Lefeuvre

Florence Lefeuvre

Florence Lefeuvre - I love comebacks! But it’s the human dimension of the adventure that motivated my choice; Gérard Gieux and Dominique Vautier had no trouble in convincing me of the exciting character of this new post which suits perfectly my experience. In addition, Intercosmétiques and Sagal [1] are known for their industrial expertise, and their levels of services. So far, these companies have remained relatively discreet about their performances, I will do my best to communicate to the marketplace the image they deserve and enhance their product offering.

I wanted to rediscover the thrills of exiting challenges by integrating a business plan with a comprehensive function in which I could develop my gifts by fully dedicating myself to the progress of teams and of the activity.

Contribute to the development of the only "Made in France" pencils is a prospect that I find very exciting. I am going to rediscover a new factory and will do my best with the teams in place and newcomers, to help the company reach the place that it deserves on the market in France and overseas.

Premium Beauty News - Your experience in make-up, skincare, and pencils was a strong asset to tackle this new challenge.

Florence Lefeuvre - Let’s say I have acquired a real expertise in the assessment of textures and that I learned to develop an active listening on the needs our clients brands, helping me therefore to meet their expectations.

Premium Beauty News - Did the recent appointment of Dominique Vautier (former Manager of Chanel’s plant in Chamant) at the head of the group influence your decision?

Florence Lefeuvre - Indeed, I met Dominique Vautier whose reputation of professionalism and industry expertise I already knew about. We actually share the same development vision for the group. Our backgrounds and respective profiles are perfectly complementary. The significant work he has already achieved at an industrial level, especially for the beautiful pencil plant in Boulogne-sur-Mer, will soon bear fruit.

Florence Lefeuvre - Biography

A graduate of the European Business School, Florence Lefeuvre has twenty years of experience in sales and marketing in the cosmetic field. She began her career at Intercos, then spent four years at Fiabila before joining Conté Cosmétiques (now Alkos Cosmétiques) until early 1995.

She then joined the Intercos group again, where Dario Ferrari offered her the position of Development Director, then the one of Sales and Marketing Director, and finally, early 2002, she was appointed at the head of the General Management for France, a position she occupied for 8 years.

Premium Beauty News - What is the importance of pencils in the market of colour cosmetics?

Florence Lefeuvre - It’s a product that has developed itself significantly. Its appeals obvious to both, the consumer (they are the most affordable of make-up products) and to brands, they are very profitable references with high rotations, specially on the lip axis."

Premium Beauty News - And what are the goals of Mr. Gérard Gieux, the Group’s main shareholder?

Florence Lefeuvre - Gérard Gieux is recognized in the industry for his innovations in the packaging company Cosmogen, but he is also a passionate entrepreneur. He embarked on this adventure, just before the crisis and has had some problems starting. So, at the start of this year, we’re in a more serene atmosphere, the beginning of a story, that of the setting up of a group, with all that it entails in terms of work analysis and cross structuring, focused on the development of Full Service.

The objective of Gérard Gieux and Dominique Vautier is to build a sound and well structured group offering a full range of cosmetics and make-up products (lipsticks, lipgloss, gloss, balms, foundations, etc.), plastic and wooden pencils, skincare creams, facials and hygiene products; cleansers, lotions, soaps, sticks, all of them "Made in France.

Premium Beauty News - How do you see the future?

Florence Lefeuvre - The group needs a commercial harmonization and to improve the value added of its products through marketing, in particular of make-up. I am confident: teams are solid, factories are running well and we have many beautiful textures to promote! So see you soon on the Alkos Group’s stand at Cosmoprof!