The next Natural Cosmetics Masterclass will discuss the future outlook of ethical labels and clean beauty in the personal care industry. Organized by Ecovia Intelligence, the masterclass will be hosted at the Merchants Exchange Club in San Francisco on 21st January, 2020.

Ethical labels and clean beauty are two of the mega trends in the personal care industry. Consumers are demanding cosmetics and personal care products without contentious chemicals, whilst brands are launching products with green logos and symbols,” said Ecovia Intelligence in a release.

Organized by Ecovia Intelligence, the masterclass will be hosted in San...

Organized by Ecovia Intelligence, the masterclass will be hosted in San Francisco on 21st January, 2020.

The program comprises seminars and a training workshop. Ecovia Intelligence will give an update on ethical labels, such as natural, organic, vegan, halal, etc. Amy Ziff, Founder of Made Safe, will give details of its new Nontoxic Certified scheme. Introduced in October, the Nontoxic Certified Ingredients Solutions program evaluates raw materials according to impacts. The Made Safe certification scheme is already established, with over 1,000 certified products since its launch in 2016.

Kimberly Shenk, Co-Founder of NakedPoppy, will give details on how the new online platform is enabling consumers to find personalized clean beauty products. NakedPoppy uses ‘intelligent technology’ to select clean beauty products according to customer preferences. Beauty products on the online platform are selected according to four criteria: cruelty-free, low environmental impact, ethically produced, and free from contentious chemicals.

Angela Diesch, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Diesch Law Group, will give an overview of the regulatory and labelling issues concerning clean beauty and labels. Practical advice and guidance will be given to brands to avoid litigation. Other seminars will cover cannabiodiol-based cosmetics, clean label ingredients, and digital marketing.

Judi Beerling of Ecovia Intelligence will host a workshop on formulating certified cosmetics. An update will be given on natural and organic personal care standards in North America, Europe, and Asia. Details will be given of popular ethical labelling schemes, such as Vegan Society, Halal, Fairtrade, USDA Bio-based, Nordic Swan, etc.

The technical issues when developing certified products will be discussed, including advice on how to remove contentious synthetic chemicals from product formulations.

Details and registration are available on the event’s site.