Elfriede Dambacher (photo credit: Thomas Christian)

Elfriede Dambacher (photo credit: Thomas Christian)

Natural and organic cosmetics have had ample growth rates for years. The segment is growing globally. How do you evaluate this trend?

Elfriede Dambacher [1] - Natural and organic cosmetics have become a self-evident part of the cosmetics market. So it is not a trend which will ease off, but a trend that clearly depicts that natural and organic cosmetics have arrived amidst our society.

To what do you attribute these changes?

Elfriede Dambacher - The requirements of consumers are changing. What was once an ecological avant-garde looking for alternatives to the usual cosmetics products has turned into a widespread social current. These consumers live by new values and are looking for products that work for them, are harmless, health-wise and also do not pose a risk to the environment. This is affecting the markets and has alerted the entire cosmetics industry.

How much influence do natural and organic cosmetics have on the development of the cosmetics market?

Elfriede Dambacher - In the beginning the influence was limited, because the natural cosmetics market was not of interest to the entire cosmetics industry. In the last few years more activities were noticeable. The entire cosmetics industry was experimenting. Products were green-washed, natural brands bought out.

What is necessary for success?

Elfriede Dambacher - Consumers expect natural and organic cosmetics to work as well as other cosmetics, but also have the additional benefit of “nature”. To achieve this, much research was done. New products were developed, which today convince with texture and effectiveness. Skincare now offers modern textures providing a pleasant sensation on the skin, all without silicone oils. Today, natural products are convincing, but consumers also pay attention to the authenticity and credibility of a brand. Transparency is needed and the story behind the products is important.

Are natural and organic cosmetics going to continue to grow?

Elfriede Dambacher - The cosmetics market at large is going greener and natural and organic cosmetics have gained new customers. This affects the entire cosmetics market. But the market requires strong brands, implementing new ideas in retail. The classic marketing strategy is not sufficient anymore. What is put in the shopping basket is determined only by the consumer. The challenges for natural and organic cosmetics will increase. Therefore the emphasis of the next Natural and Organic Cosmetics Conference [2] will be future-oriented solutions. International experts and futurologists will take a closer look at the natural and organic cosmetics industry, the challenges it needs to meet and how to successfully master these challenges.