Sandra Maguarian, Show Manager of the MakeUp in events, during the last...

Sandra Maguarian, Show Manager of the MakeUp in events, during the last edition of MakeUp in NewYork

Premium Beauty News - In eight years the gone through road is quite impressive!

Sandra Maguarian - In such a fast moving and complex world, hungry for change, there is no room for complacency! This doesn’t mean we are not proud of what we have already achieved, on the contrary, but we must constantly adapt to this fast-changing world. Our shows prove it! Eight years ago, they simply did not exist! Just take a look at what’s going on in the make-up sector with this redistribution of cards between newcomers and traditional players. Who would have imagined a few years ago, the pace at which some small and medium brands are gaining a firm foothold at the expense of big brands, via the internet and the power of bloggers and influencers. Everything has changed in just a years months.

MakeUp in Los Angeles: twice as many exhibitors

Premium Beauty News - Your strategy is to be where things happen in terms of make-up innovations?

Sandra Maguarian - It’s impossible to predict everything of course, but we do our best to anticipate and be there when the wave is just starting growing to accompany it. Clearly, the timing of the first MakeUp in Paris in 2010 was perfect! The launch of a similar event in New York also made sense. As did the successive openings in Sao Paulo and Seoul. Creating the first BtoB event in Korea in 2013 also stuck perfectly with the sudden attractiveness of the country for its innovations in formulas and packaging.

And the recipe was the same for MakeUp in LosAngeles. In both cases, the fashion aspects had full hold. Imagine that we simply increased twofold the number of exhibitors at MakeUp in LosAngeles from one year to the other! Simply outstanding, don’t you think?

MakeUp in NewYork will settle on 5th avenue in 2017

Premium Beauty News - You announced that MakeUp in NewYork will stay in Manhattan but moves on the 5th Avenue in 2017.

Sandra Maguarian - We can’t wait to give the good news this week. As you know, it is not that easy to find a venue in Manhattan meeting all our requirements. This new venue which is located at number 415 of this mythical 5th Avenue is a place that meets all these requirements. It is in the centre of Manhattan, therefore ideally placed, easy to access, on two very accessible levels for visitors. This new venue will also allow us to strengthen the exclusive nature of our event with a limited number of floor places.

The next edition of MakeUp in NewYork will take place on 19 and 20...

The next edition of MakeUp in NewYork will take place on 19 and 20 September 2017 on the 5th Avenue in Manhattan.

Seoul, Shanghai, Tokyo...

Premium Beauty News - In Asia, you decided to extend the concept?

Sandra Maguarian - The success of MakeUp in Seoul is undeniable! But the make-up market is evolving very quickly in Asia. And as you know, each country in this geographic area has its own strong cultural identity. It influences behaviours trends, expectations, needs. The MakeUp In concept must adapt to these cultural identities and try to satisfy each component of a booming region. This is also the same approach that led us to create MakeUp in LosAngeles while in the meantime MakeUp in NewYork is progressing year after year. One country, two events! For Asia, obviously such a large and diverse area can only be covered properly by becoming directly involved in each of its countries and by seeking to find or bring the good "make-up" word in each country. Not any country, of course: after South Korea, China and Japan are obviously the three pillar countries of this legitimacy in the field of make-up and skincare. MakeUp in Seoul changes to MakeUp in Asia and will take place successively as planned in Seoul on 5 and 6 April next, then in Shanghai in April 2018 and in Tokyo in April 2019, to settle in Seoul again in April 2020. A logical, coherent and efficient itinerary for the benefit of visitors and exhibitors!

Premium Beauty News - All in all, quite an impressive network of events!

Sandra Maguarian - It is not for the sake of growing. Above all it’s efficiency that’s driving us! It is also demand coming from this vast variety of visitors/exhibitors. This comes down in one year, to five events, three months apart! Think globally but act locally!