Premium Beauty News - In fact, you are much more than a mere packaging distributor.

Alessandro Prestini - We are specialized in primary packaging development and production for the fragrance, skincare, colour cosmetics and home fragrance markets. But our identity is to develop standard and custom projects. We introduce our customers to a new concept for project, an effective tailor-made service. Our customer lives an exclusive experience: he creates his own packaging in real time, in synergy with his creative and expert dedicated team. Each customer has the possibility to manage his own project as he wishes, selecting Premi’s ad hoc formula, following his own necessities (single component offer, decoration offer, full packaging offer, full service offer).

Premium Beauty News - Your product catalogue is actually quite impressive?

Federico Prestini - Our product catalogue has an extensive range of articles designed by our creative team to satisfy any kind of request which we can receive from the market each and every day. Driven by industrialization and design, our identity also places us as the ideal partner for the development of custom projects. Our global knowledge of packaging production and decoration technologies makes us one of the most dynamic and innovative companies in our sector. And through our significant investment in R&D and production units, we follow the objective of consolidating our position in the market.

Premium Beauty News - What are your strong points?

Alessandro Prestini - They can be summarized in three words: Professionalism, friendliness and flexibility. They allowed us to become one of the leading beauty packaging companies and today we can count among our customers the most important brands in both the domestic and international arenas.

Premium Beauty News - But you are also a “designer/producer”?

Federico Prestini - Thanks to recent acquisitions, Premi has also become competitive in the field of injection moulding and mould construction. Investments throughout the past years have made of us one of the few companies in our sector that can claim to own about 1000 exclusive moulds. All this allows us to offer our customers cutting-edge packaging solutions. We believe that the best results come from controlling and coordinating all phases of the packaging production process.

Premium Beauty News - Environmental concerns mean a lot to you?

Alessandro Prestini - Following this corporate philosophy of sustainable development, Premi has invested energy and resources in looking for eco-friendly materials so that today the company can proudly say that it was one of the first firms in its sector to produce an entire line of packaging made of completely recyclable PE. Premi’s vision is to go beyond the simple concept of the final use of the product, working hard to achieve sustainable use of resources throughout development.

Premium Beauty News - In fact, your service offer can be partial or total?

Federico Prestini - Packaging personalization is our bread and butter. Attention to detail and careful selection of materials are our strong points.

We coordinate all the different phases of the development of the packaging. For our customers, working with Premi as a single supplier results in optimized costs, a shorter production time, and a time to market in line with current market demands.

1) A unique supplier
2) Optimized times
3) Reduced costs

Premi is able to offer its customers a complete service.

Experience garnered over many years and investments in R&D have led us to be able to follow all aspects in the development of a packaging project.

Alongside traditional techniques such as colouring, hot stamping, screen printing, pad printing, coating, metallization etc; We can provide unique and exclusive decoration options which are the result of continuous investment in research and innovation.

Our specialists will help you choose the most suitable material and finish for the pack to achieve the best results. Upon customer request we can even decorate products that do not feature in our catalogue anymore because our aim is to provide the most comprehensive support for our customers.
We can also produce samples in a very short time.

One of the many services we offer is the realization of 3D rendering allowing us to show different proposals for the package and its customization and our development centre is unique in terms of speed!

The market is constantly changing and it requires quick decision making. Choosing the most suitable packaging and understanding what our customers want requires great imagination which is why Premi provides a 3D rendering service to show possible forms, style choices, colours and even possible decoration. The high-definition images and attention to detail let us offer customers a representation of the product very similar to reality accelerating the time that leads to the final packaging choice.