From left: Helmut Laux (Chairman of the Advisory Board), Frank Martin...

From left: Helmut Laux (Chairman of the Advisory Board), Frank Martin (CFO), Virginia Elliott (CSO), Dr. Jörg Utsch (COO), Carletta Heinz (Owner), Carl-August Heinz (CEO & President).

The capacity of this new fully rebuilt and quite impressive gas-fired furnace is now of 140 tonnes/day and it can be boosted to 180 tonnes/day. But the all-new 12-section production line, the first in Europe for cosmetic glass, is just as impressive: it comes in addition to the five other lines fed by this huge furnace, which produces glass continuously, seven days a week 365 days a year. This glass factory, which was acquired by the German glassmaker in the early 1990s, has been considerably modernized in recent years and this new investment is part of a deliberately dynamic strategy implemented by Heinz Glas. To note that in addition to this relatively large furnace dedicated to the production of white flint glass, the factory also has a fully electric furnace of 2 lines for opal glass, which is a rarity in the sector!

A Group that is doing well!

Hence, a lot of people had made the trip for this inauguration, which was also attended by the Group’s future CEO, Carletta Heinz, daughter of Carl-August Heinz. This was a perfect opportunity for Carl-AugustHeinz to thank all the staff members and the many customers who were present. It cannot be denied that this ultra-modern factory, which has become a model of its kind in just a few years’ time, can boast being today one of the key components in the German Group’s industrial glass making capabilities dedicated to the perfumery-cosmetic sector. However, a few kilometres from the glassworks, the Group can also rely both on a modern production tool specialised in decoration and a plastic production plant built ten years ago and which is home to no less than 40 machines for the production of caps, jars and bottles, with a staff of 130 people. In total, in the past 18 months, investments in Poland have exceeded 30 million euros and by the end of this year they will amount to more than 40 million euros!

Carl-August Heinz in his address, recalled that his Group was doing well and that in the space of 20 years its position as a glassmaker serving the perfumery and high-end cosmetic industries had grown steadily. Heinz-Glas, which has production operations on most continents, currently employs 3,200 people spread in 5 glass factories and 12 other sites around the world, including Germany, of course, but also Poland, Peru, India, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and the United States and soon, again, China, where the Group will be operational early 2020.