A one day and a half event, articulated around conferences in the form of plenary sessions, focused on information, but also specialized workshops - real training sessions on all current key issues related to the make-up sector today - and finally, of course, high-level B2B meetings. "An event, clearly, much awaited and even overwhelmingly supported by the entire professional make-up industry," highlighted officials at Beauteam.

"It’s true that we had also strongly anticipated the move,” explained Jean-Yves Bourgeois and Sandra Maguarian, “by organizing some months ago, conferences at MakeUp in Paris and MakeUp in New York, on the West Coast exception. A region, which has continued to prove in recent years, its dynamism and innovativeness. Truly a laboratory of its own, where startups have continued to flourish, to become major companies, eventually often acquired by large international groups. So much so, that a day does not go by without the opening of the sales office of a particular formulation company or a particular packaging manufacturer."

MakeUp in Action, a new format

"Four MakeUp in..., with a three-month interval: the formula looks consistent, efficient, inexpensive and convenient," highlighted Jean-Yves Bourgeois. "And it is not about to change! On the other hand, there are other regions in the world that, one way or the other, prove their originality and dynamism in terms of research and developments. This make-up sector is anything but static. It is constantly evolving. The concept of MakeUp in Action is indeed the response matching this type of situation, with more than ever, this desire for exclusivity."

The skyline of downtown Los Angeles on a summer morning. Los Angeles,...

The skyline of downtown Los Angeles on a summer morning. Los Angeles, California, USA - Photo credit : Basil D. Soufi

This first MakeUp in Action in Los Angeles should therefore reflect this hot bed of ideas and innovations that never stops on the West Coast. The exact venue and the full program will be announced in the next few days.