Premium Beauty News - What is the outcome of the year 2008 so far? What is your vision of the next six months?

Serge Brigot - The first seventh months of the year 2008 showed a progression of 15% compared to the same period of 2007. We can reasonably expect a progression for the entire year, but we remain careful, as some of our customers seem to face a slowdown of the activity.

Premium Beauty News - What about innovation in the health and beauty industry? What are the new products you are working on?

Serge Brigot - For a subcontractor, new products are closely links to new launches from our customers. From our point of view, we did not observe groundbreaking innovation among the novelties; however, it is likely that our customers do not share this vision.

Premium Beauty News - Environment and sustainable development are the new buzzwords in the industry. How do you address this challenge?

Serge Brigot - That’s currently the most important challenge to us. We are working hard and investing a lot on this issue, with the aim to propose a new finish (a white one) by the end of the year, which will require less pollutant products. I will have the opportunity to present this new development on the 3rd of February 2009 during the PCD Congress in Paris.